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Creative Ways to Improve Your Sex Life with Adult Toys



Whatever your preferences are, there’s at least one sex toy that will cater to your needs. Adult toys can improve your sex life in more than one way and help you experience the kind of intimacy you’ve never had before. If you’re looking for ways to make things spicier and more dynamic, you should definitely keep on reading.

Sex toys come in all shapes and sizes. There are classic options like bullet and rabbit vibrators. There are more innovative items like strapless dildos and toys for people in long-distance relationships that can sync up with each other. There are items for those interested in intense experiences such as big dildos, double dildos and so on.

Work Your Pelvic Floor Muscles

Both men and women can experience better orgasms and a lot more pleasure if they strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Kegel exercises have been used traditionally for the purpose but the market has now started offering sex toys that make the exercises both highly effective and pleasurable.

Ben wa balls are especially created for women who want to do more effective kegels. Some of them vibrate, which makes the experience stimulating and fun.

Doing a bit of pelvic floor strengthening will give both you and your partner better sex. You will prolong the excitement and you’ll also have a much more powerful climax.

Enjoy Multiple Kinds of Stimulation

Some people worry about the use of sex toys, thinking those can actually replace human touch and become addictive. Lovers and adult toys, however, can work together to bring on experiences previously unimaginable.

If one of you has difficulty reaching climax, a sex toy could be the best choice.

Imagine using a suction toy that gives you the feeling of oral sex while you’re being penetrated by a partner. Adult toys make it possible to enjoy several types of stimulation at the same time. Not only is it easier to orgasm this way, the feeling will also be a lot more intense than ever before. You could always bring even more action into your bedroom with a couples cam as well but that’s a whole different subject.

Try Sex Toys Especially Designed for Couples

Most people think of sex toys as of products designed especially for solo play. While this is true for many product categories, there are also items that have been created for the needs of couples.

There are ergonomic vibrators fitting between two people to allow both to experience the stimulation. There are G-spot vibrators that can intensify the sensations of sex.

If you feel hesitant about going to a sex shop for such items, you can easily do some online research on them. Numerous bloggers and vloggers have created reviews. You’ll also see testimonials written by people who have actually tested out such items and who have experience with their pros and cons.

Discover New Erogenous Zones

When it comes to sexual stimulation, most people think of the penis, the clitoris and the nipples.

Did you know, however, that the human body has over 30 erogenous zones? You can turn their discovery into an erotic game and sex toys will help you achieve the goal.

A traditional bullet vibrator, for example, can be used during sensuous body massages. When the vibrating surface is pressed against different body parts, you can discover a whole new world of pleasure.

Guys can definitely try prostate massagers, if they’ve never had this kind of experience before. Some of these don’t even require insertion and they work through the perineum.

The ears, the small of the neck, the belly area around the navel, the small of the back, the inner wrist, the sensitive area behind the knee, the fingertips – all of these areas can be stimulated. The arousal you’ll feel is going to be intense, especially if you use the right kind of vibration and pressure there.

Build Trust and Communication

Bringing up the subject of adult toy use is not necessarily easy for all people. Some feel embarrassed, some worry about being rejected by a partner.

The use of adult toys in the bedroom is an excellent opportunity for building trust and communicating one’s needs. Needless to say, both of these are required for a highly satisfying sex life, whether an adult toy is being used or not.

There’s nothing embarrassing about casually bringing up the topic to get a better idea about your partner’s feelings. Chances are that they’ve also been curious but they were hesitant to ask.

Sex toys can and will improve your intimacy and passion. It’s simply a matter of discovering the right item(s). In fact, this is another process you can use as a bonding experience with your partner, exploring products together and thinking about how you’re going to use them.

Adding something new to your sex routine will stimulate you both physically and emotionally. If you’ve been putting the change off for some time already, the moment has come to take action and bring your sex life to the next level.

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