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Local Volunteers Join Global Fight Against COVID-19



Press Release

Water Mission staff and local volunteers are mobilizing in a coordinated global response covering multiple countries. COVID-19 can disproportionally impact displaced people—things we take for granted, easy access to safe water to wash hands, cook, and clean are absent for more than 2 billion people around the world.

Our local volunteers and global staff are working hard to protect vulnerable communities including refugee settlements by focusing on raising awareness of preventative best practices, and continuing to reliably operate in sometimes deteriorating conditions providing safe water to thousands of people every day.

Without access to safe water, healthcare workers can’t protect themselves or their patients from COVID-19. And without safe water, populations can’t protect themselves from spreading the illness. The need is great. Our amazing Charleston volunteers are coming to our headquarters on Monday at 10 am to safely pick up parts to put together safe water systems in the safety of their own home. Once completed, this equipment will be shipped to communities around the world aiding in the global fight against the spread of COVID-19.

To protect vulnerable communities around the world, we are collaborating with partners on the ground and with partners like you to:

  • Promote handwashing as a crucial preventive measure against COVID-19.
    • Our teams are distributing critical health hygiene information, including brochures and posters in local languages, to help address the misinformation that has spread in these communities about the virus.
  • Share important information about social distancing
    • We are using social media, flyers, posters, and other tools to spread awareness about the need for social distancing and implementing new procedures at thousands of water access points.
  • Implement handwashing facilities at community tap stands and other high-traffic areas
    • We are developing and deploying handwashing stations in high-traffic areas where people collect water to minimize the risk of virus transmission.
  • Ensure continuous water flow for health clinics
    • Our staff is working to ensure safe water is flowing at our existing sites and to establish additional water and sanitation services at under-resourced healthcare facilities on the frontlines of the crisis

To support Water mission in their efforts, click here.

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