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Charleston’s Think Boxing Takes Classes Virtual



Press Release

Businesses that rely on interpersonal contact have had to think fast to pivot their business model. How exactly can they serve clients at a distance? Think Boxing is turning to virtual classes, allowing the organization to not only serve its Charleston area clients but expand its offering nationwide thanks to technology. 

Think Boxing is a non-contact boxing curriculum that helps participants release stress and foster better brain balance and wellness. Individual sessions are available via live stream as are group classes for adults, families, teens, and children. During the live stream session, a Think Boxing trained coach will lead classes through a warmup, physical technique, and exercises in breathing and mindfulness. Home boxing equipment is not required.

Think Boxing does not involve actual fighting, although students do learn boxing techniques and break a sweat. They learn how to use these techniques to help reduce stress and anxiety as well as regulate emotions and release tension.

Managing stress and anxiety is vital as individuals and families grapple with the impact of COVID-19 — everything from quarantine and working from home to helping children with virtual school. Many people are facing job losses and layoffs while businesses struggle to keep their doors open.

“As people work to stay informed about our current situation it triggers the fear center of the brain and activates our survival response. It’s impossible not to feel anxious,” said Mount Pleasant counselor Beth Matenaer.

Matenaer founded Thinking Boxing in 2019 with entrepreneur and boxing coach Jason Scalzo. She serves as the organization’s clinical director.

“In this situation, we need to find ways to pause and let our brain know that this is important and scary but, in this specific moment, your life is not in danger,” Matenaer said. “This does not mean to not heed warnings and hunker down, but simply to acknowledge that a bear is not coming out of the woods to kill you at this moment in your living room or kitchen.”

This is the perfect time for people to develop new coping skills, ways to keep their anxiety at bay and manage the stresses of this “new normal,” she added.

Matenaer said Think Boxing was already looking at expanding its curriculum nationwide and had an in-person training for new coaches planned in June. Now, she and the team are looking at this as an opportunity to reach more people faster and in a way they hadn’t previously considered.

“We see this as a way to give people another tool to care for their mental health in this time of crisis,” Matenaer said. “If you can’t get to your therapist or you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the news or if you’re facing a personal challenge, a Think Boxing class is a way to manage emotions and release tension.”

To learn more or sign up for a Think Boxing live stream class, visit Classes are currently offered at a reduced rate of $15 per household.

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