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GM of The Establishment Launches GoFundMe for Brother with ALS



Leading up to the COVID-19 pandemic, The Establishment’s general manager Brad Mogan been working with a group of local chefs and volunteers to produce a massive fundraising dinner to raise donations for his brother and family. Brad’s brother Denny was very recently diagnosed with ALS and the disease has progressed very fast and aggressively.

I know it’s difficult to focus on anything other than the coronavirus, but if you can donate any amount to Denny’s GoFundMe page, I know his family and friends would greatly appreciate it. Even a donation of a few dollars can make a large difference for this family. Below is information about Denny (provided by his family and friends) and you can donate here.


Denny Mogan has just received a diagnosis of Bulbar onset ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). We are asking for donations to assist his young family through this terrible time. As they deal with the grief & emotional impact of this diagnosis, we – their friends, loved ones & community – are hoping to alleviate any financial burdens we can. In addition to the medical bills & other financial stresses this disease causes, we are also hoping to give them the ability to spend quality time together with their 2 young sons & extended family before it progresses to a point where that is not possible. 

In addition to the immediate needs, our fundraising goals are also aimed at assisting his wife, Kateryna Mogan (a school teacher), with future costs that she would have otherwise shared with her husband, such as mortgage bills & her boys college education.

Please read below for more information on this wonderful family & the diagnosis so you can understand why it is so important that we all open our hearts & donate AS SOON AS POSSIBLE….


Denny is well-loved around town, known as the guy that would do anything for anyone. Proudly Irish with strong Pittsburgh roots, his family is well known for their tenacity, generosity & community involvement in the Salisbury & surrounding areas. 

A devoted father & husband….

In 2006 he married Kateryna Mogan, now his wife of 14 years. She is a school teacher in Worcester County & part time YMCA instructor . He has two amazing boys – Michael Mogan 8yrs & Jack Mogan 5yrs.  You can often catch them on the soccer fields or swimming competitively at the YMCA.


They attend every Sunday & he is an Ordained Elder at Wicomico Presbyterian Church


Denny Mogan attended Bennett Middle & High School, then Hampton-Sydney & Salisbury University for College.


After school he went into the restaurant industry, working for well-known restaurants like Market Street Inn, Brew River, Harborside & most recently EVO Public house as their General Manager.  He then moved over the brewing side & spent several years selling EVO beers to local restaurants & stores all throughout Delmarva. His dream was always to open his own place, which after years of planning & hard work finally came to fruition in Nov 2019 with MOGAN’S OYSTER HOUSE opening, located in downtown Salisbury.

Unfortunately, as fate would have it, that is also when his first symptoms began to emerge.

Bulbar ALS

Also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, short for Amyotrophic lateral Schlerosis. This disease destroys motor neurons starting in the areas of the face, head & neck. It progresses faster & more aggressively than Limb onset, the other more common onset type. While symptoms vary from person to person, most common onset losses are of speech & difficulty swallowing, followed by respiratory weakness and then moves to the rest of a body. 

This is a quick-moving, progressive, TERMINAL disease, with no known cure. There are promising drugs & treatments to slow the progress & enhance functionality that the Mogan’s are exploring with their team at Hopkins.

This family does NOT have time on their side. Please help if you can, as soon as you can! A donation to his Go Fund Me page (any amount) contributes to making a large difference for this family in our time of need.



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