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13 Easy Tips And Tricks To Get More Followers On Instagram



It no secret that business profiles are quickly increasing on Instagram. It is no longer a picture-based tool used to flaunt off your luxurious lifestyle or your photography. 80% of IG users follow one or more businesses.

Even though we do not know the exact number of users on IG as it has not been disclosed, there were about 25 million of them at the start of 2018.

Nowadays, people are serious when it comes to their IG following. A platform that offers amazing features such as story, boomerangs, and filters, it would be harsh for a business or an influencer to have fewer followers.

Unless you are famous on any other social media channel, it is pretty hard for more followers on Instagram.

But by implementing these 13 easy tips and tricks, you would get near your goal in no time.

 Instagram Growth Service

Instagram might be full of millions of accounts. But that does not mean you do not stand a chance to increase your following. Some Instagram growing services can simplify the task for you as they help to get you, followers, through your content, if you are in influencer and customers If you are a brand-new business.

By using these tools, you can get followers organically.

Cross-Promoting Custom Hashtags

You’ve created a custom hashtag for your profile or your business but what is its use if it is not being shared all around the platform? Not only should you mention custom-created hashtags under your posts, as captions or in comments but also cross-promote them on other social media platforms by either ads or by printing it on merchandized items.

When customers would get aware of your hashtags, they would most probably visit your profile and give you a follow.

Optimize Your Posts

Using your posts and hashtags strategy effectively is key to increasing your Instagram following. Using relevant hashtags would spread your posts outside the audience who already knows your brand. That’s great to consider but how to implement one?

  • Limit the hashtags in your captions.
  • Do not use tons of hashtags.
  • Place bulk of hashtags in the first comment.
  • Mention the hashtag on your Instagram stories.

Create an Attention-Grabbing Bio

A bio is the first thing a person sees if they visit your profile. So, make the most out of it. Make sure to make it catchy so that users can end up following you.

Fill that space with actionable information to let people know who you are and what do you have to offer. Moreover, give them a reason or two on why they should follow you along.

Last but not the least, try summing up your personality in the bio. It is not the posts that people are after but the personality.

Involve in Influencer Marketing

If you are a blogger and not involving in influencer marketing, you are missing out on huge opportunities in getting thousands of followers. If you are a business, collaborate with influencers to retain potential customers.

There are a lot of ways in which you could do business with a brand as an influencer. You can either contact them by their email, simply leave a DM or comment under one of their posts. But the approach should be as organic as possible. Turn on post notifications of some brand you would want to work with.

Once you have built a long-lasting relationship with other influencers and brands, you can get their followers to follow you.

Showcase the Unique Style You Possess

Blending with people is not going to get you a lot of followers. Being aesthetic and standing out among others is the best you can do gain followers. By creating a unique personality, you can convince people to tap the follow button.

However, you do not need to hire a graphic designer for it. Just stick to one theme and filter and post aesthetic images.

Interact with Other Users

Curating content might be the most important task to you but it is not going to flourish until you interact with other users or your followers. Negligence in engaging with your users could sabotage your Instagram image and you could end up losing a lot of followers.

On the other hand, if you keep interacting with others- liking and commenting on their posts, they would consider giving you a shout out. Hence, increasing your following count.

Utilize Instagram Stories

Stories on Instagram disappear after 24 hours. This feature is the best opportunity for you to post behind the scenes content so that people could follow you for your originality.

Other than that, you can carry out question-answer session and polls to see what type of content your users want to see.

Instagram Sponsored Ads

To expose your profile wide and far, you need to take help from Instagram itself. Set aside a small budget for Instagram advertisements. People could see your profile while scrolling and end up following you out of nowhere.

Use Other Platforms to Promote Your Instagram Page

Sharing your IG content on other social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat could help you get IG followers.

Host Giveaways

People would do anything to keep free stuff. That’s why you should host free giveaway until you get the desired following count. Running an IG giveaway is fun. However, it should benefit you. Make sure to guide the participants to follow you.

Set A Regular Posting Schedule

Although one has to work day and night to gain IG followers but you can work smart and post regular on peak times. The more likes you have, the more chances of you getting new followers.  You just have to select times at which most of your followers are online.

Go Live

Instagram allows its users to come live and record their sessions. Such a feature was added to Instagram to increase the engagement rate of the followers.

 Overall Thoughts

Even though it might seem hard at first, you can get as many followers as a popular IG influencer by implying these simple tricks and tips. But before doing these, I suggest you buy followers from Instagrowing to give your profile a kickstart. After that, you can accelerate your growth with the help of social media experts like SmmRank.

The better your social image on IG, the more you are likely to flourish as a great influencer or a brand.

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