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7 Guidelines to Enhance Your Twitter Engagement



Twitter is sometimes called the cocktail party of the world. With over 100 million daily active users, it’s a party that you and your brand will want to be a part of.

However, even with all those users, it can sometimes feel like you’re yelling into the void. What you feel like is a quality tweet may see only one or two likes.

While this can feel discouraging, there are ways to improve your engagement. Read on and discover six Twitter best practices that can help you increase engagement and make a bigger mark on the platform.

1. Be Part of Relevant Conversations

An important part of getting Twitter engagement is tweeting about things that people are interested in tweeting about. By jumping into topics that already have people talking, it will be easier to start a back and forth with someone.

If you’re not sure what’s currently relevant, there’s an easy way to get caught up: check the trending section of Twitter.

You can immediately find out what the biggest news of the day is and add your own knowledge or opinion that people can engage with. You can also dig a little deeper and see what random topics are hot that day.

Doing that is a good choice, especially for those who may want to stay away from more political topics that usually dominate the news side of Twitter. Every day there is a new conversation about ranking childhood tv shows or picking the best Thanksgiving dinner lineup.

The trending topics of the day may seem random, but they are usually fun and easily accessible. Once you figure out what’s got people talking, you can increase the number of people talking to you.

2. Use Pictures and Video in Your Tweets

The next way to increase Twitter engagement is by making your content more interesting through the use of pictures and videos. There are some simple reasons why this works.

First, a picture is worth a thousand words – which is helpful on Twitter where each tweet only get 240 characters. That extra information can spark imaginations and get people more likely to engage with your content.

That’s not just sweet talk. Statistics show that people are much more likely to engage with a tweet that has a picture attached.

And at the bare minimum, a picture or video can help keep your tweets from getting lost in the shuffle. Pictures and videos add size and color to your tweets that can help them stand out and catch people’s eyes.

A basic text tweet can just look like any other tweet. Not many people want to engage with any other tweet.

3. Add Your Own Spin to Popular Memes

Each week there is a picture or video-based meme that has everyone’s attention (I say week because they don’t always last long before the next one takes hold). These memes are popular because they get people engaging with them, so use that to your benefit.

Whatever is the hot meme, you can add your own spin to the joke or make a version that is relevant to you and your brand. If it’s a video, there are multiple ways you can add to the craze.

You can first download Twitter video and then edit it to add your own joke or twist to the meme. Because it’s a video, there are a lot of ways to edit the meme, so get creative.

The more creative you get, the more people will want to engage with you. It’s creativity that can make a meme popular in the first place.

4. Ask Questions

When you’re working to increase Twitter engagement, it’s important to remember why many people choose to be active on Twitter: to share their thoughts and opinions with others. An interesting question provides other users with an opportunity to do that.

When thinking about what questions to ask, you should consider what is important to you and what is important to your followers. If you want people following you for your food content, then ask food questions.

If you’re not sure what kind of content to share, you can ask that as well. While your goal may be to increase engagement, you should want to ask questions that can lead to helpful or interesting answers.

If other people are giving answers you can use or answer back to, then the engagement can continue and those giving good answers can feel more valuable.

5. Engage With Other People

Though it’s a little obvious, engaging with content created by other accounts is among the most important of the Twitter best practices. The best way to do this is to respond to people who tweet at you or respond to you. This can turn a simple interaction into a full conversation that others can engage with as well.

The next step to this strategy is engaging with people who aren’t tweeting directly at you. Find people who are asking questions or talking about an issue that directly relates to your brand.

Do you sell chips and there are people on Twitter asking for snack recommendations? Then you may need to attract their attention with a comment or quote tweet. Something as simple as that can increase engagement and even lead to results offline as well.

Auto following is a common tactic used to get more followers. Twesocial recommends this auto follow strategy.

6. Stay on Top of Evolving Twitter Best Practices

While these tips should help you now, it’s important to keep track of Twitter’s constant changes. For instance, Twitter allowing picture and gif quote tweet was a game-changer when it came to users’ ability to engage with content.

While there won’t always be changes that big, minor tweaks to the algorithm and app design can mean changes to what people are more likely to see and engage with.

These changes mean potentially new Twitter best practices.

If you can stay on top of those changes, you can stay on top of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to keeping your Twitter engagement high.

Time to Raise Your Twitter Engagement

Now that you understand some Twitter best practices, it’s time to use them. By joining and starting conversations with interesting content, you’ll start to see your engagement grow.

Now go out into that party and make your mark.

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