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How to Make Your Weekend Date a Little Greater



5 Ways to Boost a Weekend Date

A typical weekend date can be a great way to get some time away with your partner. However, especially if you’ve been together for a pretty long time, these weekend dates can sometimes get stale. That’s why you need to try some new concepts to boost your dates into something brand new and exciting. Try these five interesting concepts to make your dates a bit more spicy.

1. Let a Friend Plan the Date

What’s better than a date where you don’t really know what’s going to happen until it happens? Talk to a friend who knows both you and your partner, and ask that friend to plan your date. You can even pay them back by doing the same thing for their next date or paying them a minor “consultant fee.” Ask your friend to write each next step on a card, then open cards in sequence to “discover” your date.

2. Pretend Like It’s Your First Date

Your first date probably had some sort of magic to it. There’s something very interesting about discovering a new person for the first time. Even though you and your partner know each other well now, and your relationship is probably better for it, nothing can quite capture the magic of a first date with someone you really click with. Go on a date and pretend like you’ve never met before. Let the excitement build and don’t be afraid to keep it going until you get back home.

3. Make Up Fake Ultra-Rich Identities and Play It Up

You’ve probably seen super-expensive homes in your area that at least intrigue you, even if you’re pretty sure you’ll never be in a place where you’ll be able to afford it. Instead of just looking at it from the outside, make up some ultra-rich identities that would be able to afford these super-expensive homes. Dress up in your finest clothes and visit a few open houses in wealthy neighborhoods, making sure you keep up the act the whole time.

4. Have a Three-Course Dinner in Three Different Places

Instead of sitting down for a three-course dinner in one place, split it up to a variety of different areas. You might not want to go to a sit-down restaurant for this one, because it can get expensive when you add a tip at every place. Rather than sitting down for the entire dinner, go to a bar for the appetizer selection, try a more upscale fast food place for the main course, then visit a café for your dessert.

5. Start Things Out At Home Before You Even Go On Your Date

Before your date even starts, why not try out something new at home? HUSTLER® Hollywood has a selection of naughty games you can introduce to your partner at the beginning of the night that will definitely make your overall experience a little saucier. Plus, there are many exciting couples’ toys you can stock up on so you can start thinking about what’s waiting at home long before you get back.


Weekend dates are a great option if you want to get even closer with your partner. If you want to make sure those dates don’t ever start feeling stale, you should try out some of these tips to make your date more exciting. It’s a great way to keep your relationship exciting regardless of what happens.

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