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How to Choose the Right Portable Band Saw from Your DIY Project



Do you love woodworking and DIY lifestyle? Then you must be aware that you need a reliable power tool to make your work easier, faster, and quality. One of the tools to have is a portable band saw renowned for its precision and versatility. The results of a band saw is unmatched compared to a miter or table saw. You get to enjoy simple, clean, and highly intricate designs from a band saw.

It is also ideal for both large and small woodwork projects. But the market gets flooded with many band saws that come in different designs and sizes. As a result, it may be a daunting task to choose a band saw ideal for your work. In this article, you shall get enlightened on how to pick the right band saw for your DIY wood project.

To be able to know the kind of band saw you require, you should first understand the various types of band saws available in the market and there work. Each type of band saw come designed to perform a certain kind of work. The models include the following;

Band Saw Types

  1. a)     Bench-top

If you are a professional or DIY enthusiast, a bench-top band saw will be a smart choice to use because you can mount them on your worktable, cabinet, or stand. It is also small and portable. A bench-top band saw works excellently in cutting either large or small tasks.

  1. b)     Floor

It gets designed to handle all kinds of heavy-duty work, explaining why it’s a favorite for professionals. A floor band saw comes as massive and powerful, making it the best performer compared to other types of band saws. Because it uses a single-phase electricity instead of a three-phase, the power consumption is high and doesn’t get recommended to use at home.

Consider this band saw if working on a large woodwork project and has got enough space for using it.

  1. C)  Portable

It comes small and lightweight, making it ideal for carrying around. It is also versatile, and you can use it to cut irregular shapes, curved lines, or straight edges. You can also use a portable band saw to cut large stock that a floor or bench-top band saw cannot handle.

With the above knowledge of what a particular band saw can do for you, getting the correct band saw becomes easy. But before you buy a band saw for your DIY project, you can check full buying guide at thesawlab

Factor to Consider Before Buying a Portable Band Saw

  1.   Power

A band saw with enough power will cut through materials easier and faster. A band saw’s power feature is what distinguishes it from other band saws. If you want to cut hard and dense pieces of wood with ease, you will need to consider buying a portable band saw with a powerful motor. When a band saw gets underpowered, it cannot be able to maintain precision, speed, and torque while cutting.

  1.     Blade and Speed

Band saws come with different blades to cut various types of materials and in different ways. If you are cutting wood, you should consider a band saw with a blade designed to cut wood. Also, specific blades get meant to cut different styles. Depending on the kind of cuts you require for your DIY project, consider a band saw with an edge that can get you such cuts. Band saws with smaller widths blades are excellent at cutting curves. A blade with regular teeth will make fine finesse cuts. Consider a band saw with a hook-toothed blade for ripping through materials.

When choosing a band saw to buy, you should also consider its speed. To cut through certain materials, a certain level of speed get required. It is, therefore, essential to view the stuff you’re working on while buying a band saw. Cutting metal requires low speed while you may increase the speed while cutting wood. If working on various materials on your DIY project, consider buying a portable band saw with variable speed control. As a result, you will be able to switch the blade speed with various materials.

   III.      Cutting Capacity

Consider the kind of work you have to get done while buying a band saw. Can the band saw manage your work piece? Depending on a band saw’s throat and width, it can cut different capacities. A band saw’s depth will define the kind of thickness it shall be able to work on.


A portable band saw is ideal for various DIY projects, and is famous among woodworkers. Depending on the kind of project you’re doing, one or more types of band saws can finish your work.

As described above, different band saws get designed to fit specific jobs. You should choose your band saw based on the kind of materials you’re working on and the cutting designs required. Also, as illustrated above, consider its speed, blade, cutting capacity, and power.

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