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Top 5 most popular activities in South Carolina



South Carolina is a Southeastern U.S. state, widely acknowledged for its subtropical climate and beautiful, sunny coastlines. Many believe that the state is very similar to Florida in regard to its environment and climate. However, unfortunately, South Carolina gets less credit and recognition for its amazing attractions.


The reality is that South Carolina offers a wide range of activities for members of all age groups. It is packed with luxury, as well as some more affordable resorts. Iconic hotels, waterparks, and sites are also present all across the state. It is well known for its romantic, peaceful areas across the long, well-preserved shoreline. One of the most popular areas in the state is Myrtle Beach. It attracts millions of visitors every year with its golden sand and pastel-colored houses, characteristic for the south.


The state also offers wildlife attractions within its mainland limits as well as offshore. National parks are present in the state offering a range of wilderness preserved within them. Most notably, Congaree national park, which finally obtained the status in 2003 after decades of the campaign conserves the largest tract of old-growth bottomland hardwood forest along with other types of fauna and flora. It is a perfect destination for families and individuals to enjoy nature and spend some quality time with loved ones.


Moreover, one particular thing about South Carolina is very special. It has a number of islands spread in the Atlantic which are located very close to the shore. It creates an atmosphere that can not be witnessed elsewhere in the United States. Many say that beaches with small island views here bring a Mediterranean feeling to holidaymakers.


Besides its natural wonders, the state is home to man-made sites that are equally astonishing. Museums and entire districts in beautiful South Carolina cities often serve as surprising hidden gems within it. For history lovers, this state is also very significant. On December 20th, 1860, South Carolina became the first state to withdraw from the Union. The first shots were fired in January 1861 on a ship near the Charleston harbor, marking the beginning of the civil war. Today, many visitors are attracted by civil war sites spread across the state.


Whether you are a solo traveler or are going on a holiday with the family, South Carolina offers a whole range of activities that will be a pleasant experience for anyone. In this article, we have gathered some of the most popular activities the state has to offer.

Take a long walk on Myrtle Beach

In general, South Carolina is renowned for its summer activities, which naturally include beaches on its beautiful coastline. Myrtle Beach is one of such, covered in pristine sands, it is a perfect place to relax for members of any age group. The site itself is absolutely wonderful, usually packed with people from all across the nation and beyond. Temperatures here are often very warm, particularly during summer, thus many people enjoy the Atlantic ocean to the fullest. The area is particularly beloved by children who are eager to play in the sand. One of the most iconic and well-recognized symbols of the beach are beachfront boardwalks that you might stumble upon all across the beach.


Besides its natural beauty, Myrtle Beach is close to many other sites and is full of man-made activities. Originally designed for the rich in luxury-style, it features golf courses that are visited by thousands of people each day. Moreover, the Myrtle Beach SkyWheel, a 57-meter tall iconic structure takes visitors on a 10-minute ride, offering spectacular views over the area. The beachfront is also full of restaurants with a thriving food scene.


Gambling in the majority of forms is still forbidden in the state. However, this iconic area comes with its own casino culture. Two of its casinos are located on cruise ships, offering an authentic experience to its thousands of visitors on a daily basis. As the general public of the state is less interested in gambling, these venues are trying to attract more visitors by offering different types of bonuses. In the 21st century, online gambling has become immensely popular. This digital culture has also brought particular types of casino bonuses that are widespread around the world. The South Carolina venues took the inspiration from the Playamo deposit bonus promotions as it is said to be one of the top rated online casinos used by many around the world. Despite the limited number of options in South Carolina, laws are expected to be reviewed as an increasing number of U.S. states are liberalizing gambling legislation.


Yet, what South Carolina offers for gambling lovers is somewhat special. The experience visitors get on real-life boats is quite overwhelming. The 186 feet long big “M” casino ship II is the most popular venue in the state. The yacht is parked in a beautiful, scenic area in the area of Little River. Visitors are not the only ones who love spending their evenings at this venue. Locals are seeing these ships as a means of culture as well. Many of them pay a visit to the big “M” ship quite often.

Charleston’s Historic District

Charleston is a port city in the south of South Carolina. It is a city with an immense history, covered in a full palette of colors all year round. The port in the city is the place where important events of the civil war took place. Thus, for history lovers, the harbor and the rest of the city will be rather interesting.


However, the city and its surroundings is not attractive only for those who read history books in their spare time. Charleston is well-known for its historic district, which is pleasant to explore for anyone, despite the level of interest in history. The Mediterranian-looking houses with a history of hundreds of years line its streets. Taking a guided tour is highly advised not to miss sites of significance, such as Aiken-Rhett House and the 1808 Nathaniel Russell House.

Visit state’s Plantations

Due to its climate conditions, South Carolina is home to some of America’s most beautiful and oldest gardens. Entering their premises featuring grand, old mansions and orangeries is simply an outstanding experience. The majority of them are clustered within or near the greater Charleston area. Thus, visiting them does not take much time or effort when staying in the city.

South Carolina State Museum

This amazing venue located in the State’s capital of Columbia gives a comprehensive insight into the history of the area and the entire nation. It not only focuses on the history of the state’s arts, cultural heritage, and nature but also has a section dedicated to technology. Many of the exhibits are hands-on, which is particularly exciting for the museum’s young visitors. There is something for every age group in this museum and certainly should not be missed when visiting Columbia.

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