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Coronavirus – Charleston airport says the virus is being controlled



Coronavirus has taken the whole world by storm. After the outbreak in Wuhan In December 2019, coronavirus infected more than 110,000 people and over 4,000 people died so far. It has then spread in various European countries, Italy, for example, which has a state of emergency and many events actually were called off.

The virus has spread in the United States as well. There are 729 cases and 27 deaths in total. President Donald Trump declared the country was ready to tackle the coronavirus. There have been some measures taken in the United States, and this article will examine the situation at Charleston airport.

Charleston airport says it is ready

The airport has recently issued a statement, declaring they are prepared to take all the preventative measures to contain the virus. Paul Campbell, who is Aviation Authority Director and CEO, underlined the importance of employees’ and passengers’ safety.

Moreover, the airport has implemented measures to tackle the disease such as cleaning and sanitizing public areas, environmentally friendly cleaning and disinfecting of open spaces, hand sanitizing stations in public areas. These steps are essential for effectively combating the spread of coronavirus.

Different companies are trying to improve their digital services to better prepare for the coronavirus. Many people from Charleston had to reschedule their vacations in places like Florida and New Jersey, so companies are now trying to service them digitally.

The airport generally focuses on inbound flights from New Jersey Miami and Las Vegas. Most of the population in Charleston likes to go to these cities for vacation, mostly because they are the three best destinations for gambling and entertainment.

However, now that the US is starting to make this form of entertainment more and more legal across digital platforms, citizens will have direct access without having to travel and put airports at risk. All across Europe companies are already gearing up in preparation for entry in the US market, especially in the Eastern states.

The adoption of decent digital services is essential in every field, in particular in gambling industry and the companies’ strategy resembles the one of Spinia casino. The representatives of the casino declare all the time that it is crucial to have a good support service without leaving home. This is the case in airports as well when they are trying their best to enhance the digital system so that in this difficult time of coronavirus people do not have to go outside to directly reschedule their flights.

Coronavirus is not the only issue

Coronavirus is not currently the sole problem in South Carolina, as emergency officials declare it is time to prepare for severe weather. There is an anticipation of a tornado, so it is generally an excellent idea to remain at home unless something is necessary.

Emergency officials declared they would cooperate with the National Weather Service to give safety and preparation advice for tornadoes and severe storms, and everyone is asked to practice tornado plans.

Will the United States succeed in containing the coronavirus?

Coronavirus has a negative impact on the world economy. The recent event showed significant market slumps in Europe. Italy has become devastated, quarantining the entire country.

The United States has been ready to combat the virus so far but considering its massive population, and things could go awry if cases begin to grow. Yes, there are only 729 cases, but it can rise rapidly, as the virus shows no slowing down. The country has all the human and physical resources to act according to the emergency. However, it may become necessary to postpone some events, which happened recently, as the Indian Wells tournament has been put off.

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