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6 Pointers to Win a Tennis Game



Playing tennis would require you to be competitive, determined and physically at the top of your game. It takes a lot of practice and discipline to prepare yourself for every match even if you’re just an intermediate player. The advantage of being in an intermediate stage is that you are already past the beginning and you are playing as a hobby and mostly for enjoyment

You should take note of these 6 pointers to win your next tennis game:

1. Presence of Mind

It is important that you bring a strong presence of mind to every game. You have to live in the moment and discount past experiences you’ve had. Always remember what you have learned and apply it in the present. It’s knowing how to get prepared for the game that’s more important. Your mentality should be positive and alert, only paying close attention to the current game and opponent.

2. Eyes on the Ball

The ball could be your friend or foe in every game. If you do not watch it closely and let it slip away from time to time, you’ll definitely lose. Watch the ball and where it lands, it is actually easier to watch the actual point if your eyes are glued on the ball. It would be easier to anticipate how you’ll hit it if you know its direction and where it is headed.

3. Hone Your Style and Tactics

Learning new tricks and tactics are good because by now you have already advanced from being a beginner though you are still not playing as a professional. Take this time to hone your own style of playing. You also have to upgrade the racquet you are using to something more appropriate for your level. As a mid-level player, you should only use an appropriate and only the best tennis racquet for intermediate player. Changing what you use will give you a better edge. This will also help you transition into an advance level because it allows you to have a better grip and more endurance.

4. Pick Up the Patterns

Though most of them are subtle and easy to miss, pick up some patterns thrown by your opponent during the game. Doing this will make your opponent’s next move easier to anticipate. Aside from picking up their patterns, it is important to counter them too. If you are still at a beginner level, make sure to choose the best tennis racket for beginners to up your game!  Your opponent will also be caught by surprise if you are able to deliver a great score. The first thing you have to do is watch where your opponent stands to know their stance.

5. Patience is the Key

It is actually tempting to show off during the first few minutes of the game. As an intermediate player, you should already be more patient now. Instead of showing off, you should try to be patient and wait for the perfect opportunity to strike and score.

6. Enjoy Every Moment

A game is only as good as when you enjoy it. What’s more important than winning is to make sure that the game is enjoyable for you and allows you to become a better player than you were before. You already have a good background and you are slowly becoming better so focus on having fun because you are not pressured to win every time.

If you prepare yourself well enough and follow these tips, each game will provide you a great opportunity to showcase your athleticism. Because you are more familiar and versed with the game now, you can have a smoother game now without the pressure of having to win your game every time. This is a level most ideal to keep for a hobby.

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