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How US Sports Betting is Evolving



Go back a short while and the only state you could have a bet in the USA legally was Nevada. Fast forward to the start of 2020 and there are multiple states offering those inside their boundaries the chance to bet, and plenty more set to join them.

The whole US sports betting market has changed drastically, and we are only just at the beginning.

Expect more changes in years to come, and things you thought weren’t possible becoming a realist. We are expecting a snowball effect around the nation, with more people betting, more states accepting wagers and more bookmakers landing on the American shores. Now is the time to grab the Footstock Sign Up Offer and enjoy the bonuses.

As we edge close to the end of the first quarter of 2020, here is a look at the current state of play and what we are likely to see change as the year progresses.

Where Can you Currently Place a Bet?

June 2018 saw the first states join Nevada in accepting wagers from those within the state boundaries, and many more have joined since.

14 states currently allow people to bet, and this has certainly made more states hungry to get a piece of the action. They have seen the way that people have taken to it, and more importantly the money that can be made through betting tax, which can help vital local resources.

The chances of this number remaining at 14 by the end of 2020 are pretty much non-existent, with a whole host of other states putting the legislation in place to join them.

It would be no surprise to see over 20 states accepting bets by the time we reached the end of 2020. This would mean access to the people of South Carolina to bet on events such as those involving their hockey team, the South Carolina Stingrays.

How Does the US Compare to Other Countries?

Many of the bookmakers offering betting in the US have successful businesses elsewhere. Most of this is based around the UK market, which is a huge betting market, despite being a comparatively small island.

There are many UK betting sites compared by thebookiesoffers and many of these will be looking to not only sustain their UK presence, but build up one in the US.

They have tried and trusted methods that have worked for them in the UK, and those will be translated across to the US market for new customers.

This will include offers for punters to take advantage of, both when they open a new account and when they are betting on a regular basis.

What States Will be the Next to Offer Sports Betting?

There are many states with the legislation in place to move forward with sports betting.

Montana, Washington and Tennessee all passed legislation in May 2019, so we are coming towards 12 months of them having things in place. One of these three is likely to be the first state to offer sports betting in 2020.

Behind them is likely to be Colorado. Although they didn’t approve their legislation until November 2019, things have been moving quickly there and the state are desperate to get on board as quickly as possible.

What Will US Sports Betting Look Like in 5 Years?

Without a doubt, we will have more states accepting bets than those that aren’t. It is likely that in five years, the majority of states will have either active sports betting or the legislation in place to offer it soon after.

There is likely to be a small amount of resistance, with some states already talking about not applying for bills to be put forward.

However, by the time we get to the year 2025, these are likely to be in the minority, with the rest of the country being offered the chance to bet.

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