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How to Achieve Excellence at the Salesforce Administrator ADM-201 Exam Preparing with Exam Dumps?



What is Salesforce Administration All About?

Salesforce Administration is a vital part of the smooth operation of daily business functions. A skilled and experienced Salesforce administrator can have a significant impact on productivity and user satisfaction in a company therefore such professionals are highly sought-after in the industry.

Specifically, Salesforce administrators help bridge business with technology by designing applications and user interfaces to support workflow. They are also responsible for advising businesses on ways the efficiency could be improved and making sure projects keep moving forward.

From this post, you’ll know how to become a Salesforce Administrator, what you need to get certified and what resources are most useful when preparing for the required Many Vendors >> ADM-201 assessment.

Salesforce as a Certification Vendor

Salesforce is a customer relationship management solution that brings customers and companies together. It is widely recognized as the world’s number 1 CRM. Many top-notch businesses worldwide have implemented solutions by Salesforce to make informed decisions, deliver effective marketing and social experiences to their customers, and drive customer engagement.

Apart from its products and services Salesforce is also a proud host of a line of certifications encompassing their products and technologies available. These certifications cater to multiple job roles which are:

  • Salesforce Administrator,
  • Salesforce Architect,
  • Salesforce Developer,
  • Salesforce Marketer,
  • Salesforce Consultant.

Here are a few reasons why you would do your career a favor by achieving any Salesforce certification.

  • Salesforce offers certifications designed to validate knowledge in multiple expertise levels, so you can advance your skill set from beginner to a specialist level under one roof.
  • Your skills will be recognized by leading companies across the globe. Some of the companies that have implemented Salesforce solutions include AirAsia, Eatigo, Sephora, Zillow, Luxasia, Hong Kong Broadband Network, etc.
  • The Superbadge concept adds more value to your profile. SuperBadges are domain-level credentials that you are awarded for solving complex, real-world-inspired challenges. These badges present you as a top talent with proven expertise.
  • Studies show that 3.3 million jobs will be created in the Salesforce ecosystem by 2022, so getting accredited through the Salesforce Certified Administrator Certifications would be a priceless investment for your career success.

Overview of Salesforce Administrator Certification 

Salesforce Administrator credential covers all the topics needed to effectively maintain this CRM. It has been designed for specialists who already work with Salesforce and want to obtain new skills and improve their career visit

That is why there are no critical prerequisites for applying to this badge. Still, it is highly recommended that you should understand a Salesforce solutions’ fundamentals, have at least 6 months of working experience with this product, and take any preparation course.

Most importantly is that – to acquire the Salesforce Certified Administrator certification, you need to sit for and pass ADM-201 exam. Let’s explore its domains and other details below.

ADM-201 Exam Outline

ADM-201 is a 105-minute exam consisting of 60 multiple-choice questions. You will need a score of 65% or above to pass it. This exam will cost you $200, while for the retake you should pay $100.

Diving deep into ADM-201 exam, it will measure your base-line knowledge in features and functions and the different configuration options available across Sales, Service, and Collaboration clouds. The questions will assess the skills you demonstrate in applying the following functions:

  • Organizational Setup: 3%
  • User Setup: 7%
  • Security and Access: 13%
  • Standard and Custom Objects: 14%
  • Sales and Marketing Applications: 14%
  • Service and Support Applications: 13%
  • Activity Management and Collaboration: 3%
  • Data Management: 10%
  • Analytics-Reports and Dashboards: 10%
  • Workflow/Process Automation: 8%
  • Desktop and Mobile Administration: 3%
  • AppExchange: 2%

Once you’ve acquired the certification you must keep up to date with the latest technologies and skills by completing the Administrator certification maintenance modules on Trailhead three times a year. For more information regarding the maintenance modules and ADM-201 exam content we recommend you visit the official Salesforce website.

Top Resources for ADM-201 Preparation

Having to retake ADM-201 is the last thing you want to be doing because it will bring you extra expenses of such resources as time and money. Nailing an excellent score is all about the preparation and practice you put in before going into the exam. While many of the candidates generally don’t have time to spare with some of the tools below you could optimize your resources to deliver an impactful performance.

  • Trailhead exam preparation materials — Trailhead is the service by Salesforce that offers a set of self-study materials and instructor-led courses that you can follow to grasp all the knowledge and practical hands-on experience required for ADM-201.
  • Exam Dumps by PrepAway — On this platform, you will find both free dumps uploaded by recent exam-takers and paid premium bundles of that have been verified by experts in the field for their genuineness and validity. A Premium Bundle for ADM-201 exam consists of a proven file with 1072 questions with answers and a training course of 86 lectures that you can buy for $34,99 now.

The best feature available to PrepAway users is that these ete files can be opened using the ETE Exam Simulator, designed by Vumingo team to simulate the ADM-201 exam interface. Repeatedly exposing yourself to the exam environment will help minimize the negative effects of exam stress.

  • Quizlet is an online website that contains pre-designed flashcards for various certification exams like ADM-201. Utilize these study sets to improve the retention of important exam content while serving as a gauge for areas you need to work more on.


Salesforce Administration is an ever so fast-growing industry with job growth predicted to reach mind-blowing heights. Credentials are what matters the most if you want to establish yourself among the top tier professionals in the industry and work for the biggest companies out there. The Salesforce Certified Administrator is a rewarding certification for anyone looking to startup in this field. ADM-201 exam which leads to it is a hurdle that needs to be overcome with confidence. PrepAway with its exam dumps and some other websites will help make the practice sessions more productive and enjoyable.

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