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The Need For Increased Road Safety In Charleston, SC



South Carolina was ranked as the  third deadliest state for fatal crashes based on 2016 data, and road accidents are a regular occurrence. From driving under the influence to distracted driving and even the roads themselves, there are many issues that are to blame for car accidents within the area. If you’re planning on traveling through Charleston, or already do so  on a regular basis, here’s what you need to know about the safety of the roads – and what can be done to improve it.
Dangerous roadways
There are many things to be aware of when it comes to road safety in Charleston, as well as the state as a whole. For instance, the state has a shockingly high pedestrian fatality rate – in fact, one national study named South Carolina’s roads as the 10th most dangerous for pedestrians – proving  just how dangerous it can be. However, pedestrians and drivers aren’t the only ones at risk, as one woman lost her life when a car  crashed into her home in North Charleston in early February. While the cause for this specific accident remains unclear, there are a number of factors at play when it comes to the majority of car accidents in Charleston and the state of South Carolina.
The causes behind accidents
The causes of car accidents within Charleston and the state aren’t difficult to identify. Many are due to driver error – things like distracted driving (such as cell phone use), or driving under the influence are both likely to be causes of many accidents. Unsurprisingly, the roads themselves  can also be to blame – lack of guard rails, narrow streets, poor lighting and an overabundance of potholes can all contribute to car accidents. Causes of fatality can also be attributed to the safety of the car itself, and drivers are therefore encouraged to read reviews and  check a vehicle’s safety ratings before purchasing a vehicle. It’s also important that cars are up to date on repairs.
A potential solution for all
When it comes to solutions for improving the safety of drivers and pedestrians alike, there are many things to consider putting into place. For instance, adding rumble strips, fixing/filling potholes, and adding guardrails can help improve the safety of the roads themselves. Implementing policies like Complete Streets can also be beneficial, as it requires that streets be planned, operated, designed and maintained in a way to allow for safe travel for all road users. Educating the public and enforcing the law is another great way to increase road safety, and can help in reducing the number of those driving under the influence or being distracted by cell phones.
With the number of incidents taking place, the need for improved safety on Charleston roadways is clear. However, there are potential solutions, and through policies such as Complete Streets and the implementation of other safety measures, roads can be made a safer place for drivers and pedestrians alike.
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