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6 Important Things To Consider Before Buying A Rifle Scope For Your 6.5 Creedmoor



Guns are part of life, and they have been for centuries. While their obvious use is designed for reasons of warfare, they have other purposes. The most common purpose is hunting, while some individuals have also taken on shooting as a sport. Guns come in many forms and shapes, with rifles being the most prevalent among civilians. The 6.5 Creedmoor is regarded as the most popular of all. Essentially, a few considerations will need to be examined to improve your shooting experience, and determining the type of scope you need is one of them.

So if you are a 6.5 Creedmoor rifle holder and hope to get a scope, here are six important things to consider.

How to Pick Your Rifle Scope

Regardless of your rifle’s anatomy, with some research and a number of considerations, you will be able to pick the right scope for your 6.5 Creedmoor. A scope that is difficult to work with will obstruct your hunting experience. With that said, here are 6 things you must consider.


  • Weight


Considering your scope’s weight may seem secondary; however, it should be examined before anything else. The choice you make will depend on the type of environment you are shooting in, and the nature of your activity. If your activity focuses on the use of a bipod while you remain motionless, the scope’s weight will not make a noticeable difference. But when there is ample movement, during hunting exercises, the scope’s weight will have a discernible effect on your shooting capacity. A heavy rifle is bound to wear you out.


  • Elevation and Windage Adjustment


A crucial part of your rifle activity relies on your ability to easily track in a horizontal and vertical line. Your horizontal movement is known as windage, while vertical tracking is called elevation. This angle helps you track the bullet’s point of impact, and so it might need adjusting. The hunting gear advisors over at express the importance of scopes that offer shooters the option to change elevation and windage alignments. A good scope will have these adjustments made instantly.

When finding the right scope for your rifle, make sure to source it from a well-known firearm accessories provider. These sellers usually have a team of pros that can advise you on which scopes are compatible with your rifle and suggest ones that cater to your specific needs and preferences. You can also check for product reviews to ensure you get what you’re paying for.


  • Lens Size


A scope will have two lenses. The one you will need to look at is the lens closest to the barrel. You will need to make sure that the size of the lens is large enough to let in plenty of light. Although a larger lens will make your scope heavier, it will also enhance the brightness of the image. Decide what kind of lens size you want based on your uses. So, if you are a nocturnal shooter, a larger lens will be better as it will draw in more light.


  • Lens Coating


Similarly to the size of your scope’s lens, the lens coating will also have a strong effect on lighting, though it focuses on light transmission. Generally, more coatings will produce better light transmission. This will provide shooters with a clearer image, which will improve their shooting experience. With optical lens coating, you will want to decide between four major categories: coated, fully coated, multicoated and fully multicoated.


  • Reticle


For the obvious reason of predicting where your shot will go, a scope’s reticle must receive its fair share of consideration. There is a large variety of different reticles that are available, and choosing one will depend on two things: preference and shooting level. A large reticle can negatively impact your shooting precision by having its thickness cover up a target. However, targets are easily seen under low light. On the other hand, a thinner reticle will give you that precision, but can deprive you from visibility in low light situations. For more advanced shooters, the reticle should feature a scale that shows the minute of milliradian. These will provide shooters with an accurate reading of their bullet’s drop at greater distances.


  • Focal Plane


Focal Planes come in two forms: first and second. The first focal plane is found in the front, inside the erector tube. It allows for the scope to zoom in on the reticle as you are zooming in on your target. As for the second focal plane, the magnification changes behind the reticle, which has the reticle’s size remain unchanged. Your choice will mainly depend on preference. However, a first focal plane will allow the shooter to make quick adjustments.

Choosing the right rifle scope can make all the difference in the world. Mainly, you want one that provides clarity, accuracy, and is quick to adjust. All these considerations will undoubtedly enhance your 6.5 Creedmoor shooting experience. However, each consideration will differ from one shooter to the other, as the choice depends on your preferences.

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