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3 Secrets to Get Discount Tickets for Dear Evan Hansen Musical



Dear Evan Hansen tickets have been at an all-time high ever since the musical’s sudden popularity at Broadway. It sells over 100% capacity at the Broadway Music Theatre. The last grand sale saw the music theater sell more than $1.7 million in tickets towards the week ending 9th July.

It was the highest sale the theater has ever made, citing it recouped its investment in less than ten months. The demand is bound to surge even after the recent cast changes, which makes tickets even more expensive. However, fans can still garner cheap Dear Evan Hansen tickets using the following hacks.

Go to TKTS

You are bound to find discounted tickets at TDF’s TKTS booth. Visit the booth on the day of the show. All tickets except those from the Biggest Broadway hits are on sale with up to 50% off. TDF has a booth at the 47th Street in Duffy Square Broadway and at Lincoln Center’s David Rubenstein Atrium.

The latter was set up recently and is less crowded. Be sure to visit the booth early to get the best seats; though you may also find tickets for the best seats close to curtain time. Download the TKTS app or visit the website to find out what is available. One person can buy up to six tickets at $5-$6 per ticket. This price range is pretty low in comparison with what ticketing websites charge.


Buy Rush Tickets or Play the Lottery

Some productions offer same-day rush tickets for sold-out events. The tickets cost as little as $20 a piece. Visit the theater’s box office on the performance day as soon as it opens, i.e., at ten during normal days, and 11 a.m. or noon if buying the ticket on a Sunday.

Alternatively, buy standing-room tickets, which are also on sale when the box office opens. You will find these tickets at the back of the orchestra section, and may be forced to queue for a pretty long time. Additionally, the tickets are limited to two per attendee for every performance for $42 each.

Dear Evan Hansen digital lottery has also become an excellent place to buy cheap tickets. The lottery opens at midnight on the day of the performance and closes at 9 a.m. for 2 p.m. performances. Lucky contestants pay for the tickets online and need to pick them up 30 minutes before curtain time at the Music Theater box office.

The Hamilton lottery is the most competitive, offering 46 ten-dollar seats in a day. You can also participate in the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child lottery, usually held on Friday. Check the listings to find out the shows offering lotteries and rush tickets.


Follow Discount Ticket Apps and Sites

Theater Mania, Broadway Box and Goldstar are great places you can find cheap Broadway tickets. Follow updates about tickets on sale and download apps like Today Tix and Groupon that offer discounted Broadway tickets for every show. You can book the tickets in advance and collect them outside the theater on the day of the performance.


Wrap Up

The best way to buy cheap Dear Evan Hansen tickets is to stay informed. Sign up to the site’s email list to get real-time updates about discounted tickets or leverage on same-day rush tickets if you are feeling lucky. Apps are also pretty handy sources of real-time info.

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