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CBD-infused Beverages: 11 Benefits You Need to Know



CBD has infiltrated the health and beverage market in a big way! More and more CBD-infused beverages are coming out including CBD water, kombucha, matcha, coffee, teas, energy drinks, sports drinks, sodas, and more. CBD makes a great addition to other health and wellness drinks because it likely enhances the effects of the vitamins and nutrients in these drinks.

There are many benefits to drinking these beverages regularly. There are many benefits to drinking these beverages regularly such as pain relief or improve your sleep quality. If you’re interested in the CBD beverage world, here are a few of the biggest benefits you’ll want to know.

  1. Sleep Better 

People use CBD oil for insomnia and other sleep problems with promising results. They say that it helps them to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Best of all, they don’t wake up feeling groggy or grumpy in the morning, and they’re able to jump into their morning routine without a problem, unlike traditional sleeping problems.

  1. Great Taste 

Many CBD-users love what CBD can do for them, but they hate the earthy, plant-like taste of it. Holding the slimy oil under their tongue is difficult for them, and they may choose not to use it as a result. CBD-infused beverages are a great alternative that taste great and offer the same benefits.

  1. Less Anxiety 

Anxiety is the sixth leading cause of disability worldwide, and many have found relief using CBD. It’s believed that CBD can calm hormonal responses associated with anxiety levels and boost hormones like serotonin and dopamine that prevent anxiety spikes.

If you suffer from anxiety taking a daily dose of CBD in your morning coffee or tea could not only help you get your morning caffeine boost but also get into a better mood and start your morning on the right foot.

  1. Pain Relief 

CBD has been linked in several studies and anecdotal reports with relieving pain. It’s a commonly used pain reliever for those suffering from chronic pain, whether they have migraines, arthritis, or any other severe form of pain.

It’s commonly used by those who have injuries as well to help them avoid becoming dependent on prescription opioid medications. CBD is a non-addictive substance that not only helps to combat pain, but it might also help in preventing or overcoming opioid addiction for those who have become dependent on opioid pain relievers.

  1. Convenient 

It’s incredibly convenient to grab a CBD-infused drink while on the run. You can drink it at your leisure while on your commute or at the office throughout the day. You can also mix a dose of CBD oil into whatever you normally drink in the morning, so it’s easy to consume and incorporate into your daily routine.

  1. Inconspicuous 

Many CBD users also love that drinking a beverage is a much more inconspicuous way to take CBD compared to using an oil dropper, vape pen, or inhaler. Nobody asks you about your morning beverage of choice because it’s nothing out of the ordinary.

If you’re concerned about the stigma that still exists around CBD, this can be a great way to get your daily CBD without fielding questions and harsh judgments from those who don’t understand.

  1. Reduced Inflammation 

If you suffer from any kind of inflammatory disease or occasional inflammation (such as sore muscles or an injury), CBD can help to reduce that inflammation and help you heal more quickly. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD could also treat acne, inflammatory bowel diseases, join pain, and more.

It’s often best to treat inflammation right when you wake up in the morning and right before you go to bed, so it makes sense to add CBD to your morning drink and your evening night cap.

  1. Pre or Post Workout Aid 

If you’re into taking pre or post workouts to improve your workout performance and enhance your results, a CBD-infused beverage may be worth looking into. It can be mixed in with electrolyte or protein drinks to help enhance the effect on your body.

Best of all, it can speed up recovery by targeting pain and inflammation that lead to muscle soreness. It could also increase motivation, relieve performance anxiety, and lead to better overall results.

  1. Potential Long-Term Health 

There’s a growing body of research that indicates CBD could have long-term health effects. It’s believed that CBD could target some serious health problems like heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and other health problems that typically lead to an early demise.

As a result, CBD may work to extend your life. It works best when paired with other patterns of good health and nutrition.

  1. Could Treat Serious Health Problems 

If you’ve contracted a serious health condition, CBD might be able to help with the symptoms. For example, many patients suffering from multiple sclerosis use CBD to improve their mood, fight pain, and improve mobility.

There’s also potential that CBD might impact Alzheimer’s disease for the better. Some research show that it has neuroprotective properties that could prevent the development of Alzheimer’s and dementia. It’s the same neuroprotective properties that can also effectively treat epilepsy. Many epileptic patients are prescribed a CBD-based drug called Epidiolex, which is FDA approved and proven to reduce the number of seizures a patient might experience.

There’s also some research to show that CBD might prevent cancer. As an example, preliminary trials have shown that CBD can kill cancer cells. It can also protect healthy cells, potentially helping individuals stay cancer free. At the very least, it can help relieve symptoms associated with cancer and cancer treatments.

  1. Minimize Depressive Episodes 

Based on data showing that CBD could boost serotonin and dopamine levels, it’s believed that CBD-infused beverages could also relieve depressive episodes. It could boost mood and prevent individuals from entering dark places in their brain.

A daily beverage containing CBD can be a powerful tool for combatting serious mental health issues like depression and other serious ailments. It’s growing in popularity and could one day be considered a powerful tool in modern medicine.

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