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Essential Golf Equipment Every Player Needs



Golf is a unique game often associated with high-class individuals. If you are reading this, then the chances are that you are planning to start your golfing journey, but you don’t know where to start. Well, finding the perfect tools of the game is the first step towards accomplishing your dreams. The process can be overwhelming as there are many pieces of equipment in the market, which may crowd your decisions. Worry less because here is a list of stuff you need most to kick start your golfing experience.

The Club 

The first step towards starting your journey as a golf player is acquiring a golf club. Yes, having your golf club shows how serious you are about the game. When it comes to owning a club, many people often argue that you should consider renting instead of buying one. Well, renting does work on a short-term basis. But, if you are planning to spend most of your time in a golf court practicing, you are likely to save much by buying yours.

Another disadvantage that comes with renting a club is that your practice may be affected. Say, for instance, the platforms renting these clubs operate on a fixed timeframe and within a given area. Therefore, you may not enjoy practicing at any location during your free schedules.

Currently, there are plenty of golf clubs in the market to choose from. With the variety, the buying process may be overwhelming. Lucky for you, an article on has the hard part done for you. With a review of the best golf drivers, you will have a rough idea of what to go for. When selecting a gold driver, you must consider many factors, among them size and price, as explained by experts in this article.

The Ball

Technology in golf has come a long way and can have a massive impact on the way the game is played. It’s important though to match the equipment you’re using to your ability and play style. This is essential when selecting your ball, whether you need more distance off your drive or suffer from a slice there are balls that are designed to complement your game. If you’re the type of golfer to suffer from slicing the ball consider picking up a low spinning ball. The best golf balls for low spin have special design features implemented in manufacturing to help reduce rotation on the ball, things such as the dimpling on the cover and the materials and build of the ball all greatly impact the balls performance. Regardless of what ball you need its important to remember to match what you play with to your ability as a golfer to really take your game to the next level.

Hand glove

If you are a keen follower of this sport, you have seen the likes of Tiger Woods wear a glove during major tournaments. You may be asking yourself whether the gloves worn play any vital role. The truth is that you need a glove to help you achieve a better grip of the club while out there practicing. While the one glove used is known to enhance grip for accuracy, it does also help prevent the club from sliding out of your hands after you make your swing. By wearing one, you help minimize cases of accidents that may result from the club flying off your hands.


Golf is one enjoyable sports activity as it involves a lot of walking on different terrains. You never know how the weather might turn out to be during your practice, and that’s why you need to bring along a cap. Well, you may start with a cloudy day, but things get sunny halfway down the road. In such an instance, you need a little shade to cover your face, and that’s where a cap comes in handy.


Often, golf is played on the green glass. In such a setting, many are times you may not get clean shots because the grass is blocking your way. When the path is blocked, some lifting is needed to allow for a decent shot, and that’s where a marker comes in handy. A marker helps indicate the exact location where the ball was before the lifting. Therefore, you will need these round flat pieces on many occasions as they bring a fair play. You can also get several other items via Golf Treasury – Accessories.

Golf bag

Any successful golf player will tell you that the secret to a successful gaming experience is being organized. By being organized, it means that you will have all your tools of work in the right place and at the right time. Having a golf bag is one way to ensure that all your equipment is organized and safe. Golf bags come in different sizes and materials based on what you intend to carry along. As a beginner, you can start with the small bags and graduate to the big ones with wheels as your experience grows, as well as your set of tools.

Dark-colored towel

In golf, keeping both the club and ball dry is paramount. When dry, it means that the grip will be incredibly perfect. It’s at this point that a towel comes in handy to help with the drying of these tools. Experts often use a white cloth, which isn’t recommended for beginners. Remember, the pros have people to wash the towels after every round, while you don’t. Therefore, it would help if you picked a dark-colored cloth, and that can keep functioning without revealing the brown streaks after wiping your game equipment.

Starting your journey as a golf player is exciting as the sport is enjoyable to engage in. It’s a sport that requires proper preparations. Explained in this article are the essential golf equipment you ought to consider when starting your practice. When acquiring these tools, you must have in mind that they are not what brings success. All they do is to aid your practice sessions, which is the secret to becoming a pro.

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