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Best Classic Plays to Watch on 14th February



Now that valentine’s is around the corner, you and your partner are probably looking for things to watch on the 14th of February. A feel-good classic play would be ideal to put you in a romantic mood.

Make sure that you choose a film that both of you will enjoy. There are so many classics and I bet you won’t miss something to watch. If you’re college students, consider going to the nearest theatre instead of watching from the dorm room.

You can get English essay help in advance so that you can dedicate the weekend to your loved one. Couples need to create time for each other because relationships require effort. This does not mean you should abandon your academic responsibilities. I bet you can find the perfect balance between your personal and academic life.

Here are classic films to consider for Valentine’s.


  • Dirty Dancing 


This is a feel-good film that was released in 1987. Even though it has been centuries since it’s release, it remains to be an enjoyable film. The excellent directing of this movie ensures that you can still connect with the characters, centuries later.


Many cannot take their eyes of this film because of the amazing storyline it has. The story flows effortlessly and for a moment, you feel like you’re part of the movie.


  • Step Up 


This 2006 film is another ideal classic for Valentine’s and you can watch it even if you don’t have a partner. You don’t have to miss out on the fun simply because you don’t have a partner.

Tyler Gates and Jenna Dewan play excellent roles in this movie and you can feel the chemistry between them. If you love dance, you’ll appreciate the choreography showcased in this classic.


  • Pretty Woman 


1990 brought us pretty woman and we haven’t gotten over it ever since. This movie is about a romance that develops between a prostitute and a wealthy businessman. What are the odds!

Richard Gere and Julia Roberts make you believe in love again from how excellently they play their roles in this film. This is a 90’s Cinderella story that will get a tear or two rolling down your cheeks.


  • Roman Holiday 


Roman Holiday is about an American reporter who sweeps a European princess of her feet. This 1953 film will give you a glimpse into how films were produced in the 50s.


  • Always be my Maybe 


This is a recent film that was released in 2019. If you love the comedian Ali Wong, you’ll appreciate her acting alongside Randall Park. It also features Keanu Reeves, who happens to act as himself in the film.

This film is about childhood sweethearts who manage to find their way to each other against all the odds. It is a good film for millennial couples as it majors financial power in relationships.

We no longer live in patriarchal times where it was essential for the man to be the breadwinner and this film does a perfect job in showing couples it’s possible. After all, relationships are not always about money alone. They’re also about trust and respect. This Valentine’s, you need to let go and let your partner love you in their own way.


  • Hitch 


Hitch is about a dating expert who helps people find their better half. In turns out that he could use a dose of his own medicine. Everyone who knows will Smith knows that he’s an excellent actor.


  • Just romance: When Harry Met Sally (1989)


This is a 1989 movie but it still is relatable in 2020. It is about two friends who have been in a platonic relationship for over a decade. Suddenly, they have feelings for each other and are ready to take it to the next level.


As you can see, there are quite a number of classic films to go around. Make sure you make time for the person you love this Valentine’s.

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