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First dates are crucial. These are the moments that often determine how far the relationship will go. Forget your wallet, pair a shoe with the wrong outfit or belch as you eat, and you lose points. It thus follows that many people feel awkward and do not give off excellent first impressions. But you are in luck. Not only did you get through the first few dates, but you also clinched a permanent spot in your partner’s life. For that, you deserve a pat on the back. And your partner deserves a 24k gold pendant which will go to show them how much they mean to you. While gifts are an excellent idea for anniversaries, you should make these days more memorable by making memories. So pack your bag and head to Charleston in South Carolina. After all, this is a haven when it comes to a balance between charm and beauty. What better way to celebrate this day?

The first thing you should note is that Charleston has tons of activities in which you can indulge. Secondly, it has several restaurants where you can forget about your diet and give in to your pleasures. And finally, it has beautiful places where you can stay. As such, it is the total package when it comes to romantic destinations. Without much ado, here are some ideas on this:

Spend a Day in the Water

There is something relaxing about being afloat on the water as you overlook the scenic beauty all around you. It makes you appreciate everything all the more, and it can help you put things into perspective. While a stroll down historic Charleston will educate you a great deal, you will need a break at some point. And this is where the Schooner Pride comes into the picture. It moves by wind, and you will barely hear a thing as you sail on the water. No fumes, no noises, just you, your partner, and the soft rocking of the waves. How romantic is that? Plus, you can do this at night! Imagine setting sail as the full moon shines down on you, and you gaze into your lover’s eyes. Why imagine it at all? Do it now!

Tour the Lighthouse Trail

The Morris Island Light has some history to it that will have you feeling all gushy while touring it. At the time of its construction, it two hundred feet farther from the ocean than it is now. Nature took its course, and the lighthouse is ever nearing the shore, with erosion threatening the structure. While the lighthouse is no longer in use, the trail to and from it is perfect for couples that want to unwind. Take the path and head to the shores from where you can listen to the crashing of the waves. You can take pictures while here. And as you watch the lighthouse erode right in front of you, it will be clear that time is never on anyone’s side. Cherish your partner now while you can.


Outdoor activities are fun, and they can take up a considerable chunk of your getaway. However, you should not let the thrill get in the way of taking a step back and relaxing. You will need this at some time during the trip. And you can do this by having a spa day at the Belmond Charleston Place. From scrubs to deep tissue massages, you have a lot of options. This time away from strenuous activities allows you to bond with your partner, and you can enjoy a sound nap after this.


When you have had fun, relaxed, and bonded to the point of giving each other new pet names, what is next? Food! And not just any food but the most exquisite cuisine that Charleston can offer. Luckily, you can get fantastic meals at affordable prices in this city. An excellent example, in this case, would be Circa 1886, which provides some of the best southern dishes that money can buy. The local food is undeniably delicious, and so are the fine dining options. You can also check out Charleston Grill, Peninsula Grill, and Fulton Five, among other options.

Remember that the point of all these things is to bond with your lover. So do not let anything else take the first place. Also, have fun!

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