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The popularity of sex toys for both males & females have exploded in the last decade or so, with the massive selection of sex toy options now available to consumers, trying to pick out the perfect vibrator, fleshlight, anal toy, etc. can be an extremely daunting task. That’s exactly what I’m here to talk to you about, in this article, we’ll be discussing a couple of different ways you can go about narrowing down your options to find the sex toy to perfectly suit your wants, needs, and desires!

With that being said, let’s delve into some methods that will hopefully guide you through the gruelling task of figuring out which sex toy was made especially for you!

Explore Sex Toy Company Websites

One of the easiest ways of browsing through your sex toy options is to go straight to the source! If you’re a man looking for a Fleshlight that serves a specific purpose or function, browse the numerous categories and sex toy lines on their website! Fleshlight in particular has some pretty great customer service, with representatives available 24/7 to answer your questions or make suggestions!

If you’re a woman looking for a certain kind of vibrator, browse through the online stores of companies like Lelo or Lovense that present a multitude of options for any sort of female vibrator or clitoris stimulator. There’s really something for everyone, if you know where to look.

While this is a great method of gathering information, the only problem is that any time you go to a company for advice or information on their products, their information is almost always guaranteed to be biased. This is understandable since they’re obviously going to try to sell up their own products, but for those of us who want unbiased reviews, you’ll have to look elsewhere – and that’s exactly what the next tip is about!

Read Unbiased Sex Toy Reviews Online

So, we know that you can always go straight to the retailer for information on their adult products, but what if you want expert advice from your fellow consumers, rather than someone who’s just going to try to sell you their products?….

Sex toy review sites, of course!

Thankfully, there are plenty of unbiased sex toy review sites available on the web, a personal favorite of mine being This site tests and compares sex toys and they write honest, accurate & in-depth reviews to help readers decide which sex toy is right for them. The best part about reading unbiased reviews is that you’ll figure out which toys AREN’T worth buying which is arguably more important than finding out which toys are worth buying. If you’re getting information from a biased source, the information is almost always unreliable. That’s why I always suggest going straight to third-party review sites to get accurate info before making your sex toy purchase!

Figure Out What You’re Looking For

And finally, before venturing into the lovely, bizarre world of sex toys, you should at least have a general idea of what you’re looking for. Now that the world is becoming so much more accepting towards sexuality in general, we’re seeing a huge surge in not only the quality, but also variety in modern sex toy design & capabilities.

For example, we now have sex toys fitted out with what’s called “teledildonic” technology, which fits into the more broad category known as “interactive sex toys”. Some things you can expect with these technologically advanced sex toys are features like VR compatibility, being able to sync with adult videos, long-distance and remote control options, and even toys that can be programmed specifically to suit your own personal preferences!

Thankfully, the aforementioned sex toy review sites often do a great job of outlining what each toy has to offer and which high-tech features they come with. All the more reason to gather info before making your sex toy purchase!


Finding your perfect sex toy doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. Just make sure you gather all the info you can before spending any money, preferably from third-party review sites that offer unbiased information. A quality sex toy can be an intimidating investment, do yourself a favor and know what you’re buying before you splurge!

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