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New Types of Grills You Probably Don’t Know About




When it comes to fun things you could do with your time, nothing beats cooking. Sure, playing video games is nice and hitting nightclubs is fun, but none of these yields an outcome that you could enjoy afterward, as opposed to cooking, which gives you food. Standing in the kitchen, selecting the ingredients, and preparing your meal itself is rewarding, and the fact that you get to enjoy a delicious dish when you’re done is all the better.


To make a good meal, though, you need to get the right tools, and a grill is one of the first ones you should get. Perfectly Smoked will help you find some newer models that you probably don’t know about.

Freestanding gas grills

While gas grills have been around for quite a while, they can be a bit of a handful. They are often big and not easy to move around. When it comes to freestanding gas grills, which can easily be moved and carried around without any trouble. They obviously have the same benefits that come with your regular gas grill, like being easy to clean and the ability to reach ideal temperatures quickly. Think of freestanding gas grills as an outdoor microwave that you can use to make steaks, burgers, and all sorts of delicious grilled foods.

Kettle style grills

This is a type of charcoal grill, and it is often easier to operate than your average one. As the name implies, it looks like a kettle, with a rounded bottom and grill grates, as well as a removable lid. What happens with this type is you stuff the charcoal into the bottom of the grill that has a small grate underneath it which allows for any ash or debris to escape so you could cook your meal without any obstructions. Kettle style grills are quite portable and they are also very durable, and they even consume a lot less charcoal than the majority of average charcoal grills.

Electric grills

Everybody enjoys a nice outdoor barbecue, and it is a great time to have your loved ones over for a spring or summer gathering. But what do you do if you want to have a barbecue, but you don’t exactly have a backyard? In that case, your best choice is an electric grill! They are perfect for cooking indoor meals, even if they don’t necessarily give that smoky charcoal flavor. The great thing about these is also how you get several different options according to your needs and budget. Some electric grills even come with a cover so you could avoid causing a mess in your kitchen with all the fat and grease.

You’ve probably seen different types of fire pits in your life, Portable Fire Pit, Fire Pit on Wheels, Electric Fire Pit, etc. But have you heard of the Firepit grill?

A Fire pit grill is a great yard decoration and can provide more fun with having a grilling session with your fam with the beautiful flames from the pit.

Kamado grills

This particular type of grills has been steadily rising in popularity over the past decade, and for good reason. This is the evolution of the charcoal grill, and it is basically a more sophisticated version of it. Also known as an egg grill due to the peculiar design, this one is made of ceramic, which makes it quite heavy and also quite durable. Not everybody likes to grill in summers; some like to do it in the cold of winter afternoons, and the Kamado Grill is perfect for that. It can function normally under any conditions, and it can maintain the temperature inside even in cold weather.

Infrared gas grills

This is another kind of gas grills, but it is one that not many people know about. An infrared gas grill ignites a natural gas or propane to heat a ceramic tile. This helps spread the temperature evenly across the cooking surface, making it easier to cook your meals perfectly. It is also ideal for quick searing of burgers, sausages, vegetables, and any meal that doesn’t take long to cook.

Pellet grills

Pellet grills have also been rising in popularity over the past few years, mostly because they add a unique flavor to your food. This is a hybrid mix between a smoker and a grill, which means you get to enjoy the smoky flavor of meat that tastes like nothing else. You just need some wooden pellets which you will load into the device, and then you connect your grill to an electric power source since it is electricity-operated. While this is helpful because you don’t need to keep checking on foods that take longer to cook, it also means pellet grills aren’t suited for outdoor cooking.


You will need to read up on the pros and cons of the different types of grills available, old and new, because there are plenty. Getting one suited to your living circumstances as well as a budget means you can cook some delicious foods without any hassle.

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