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Things to Do in Charleston When on a Budget



From pristine beaches to fine dining, Charleston surely has always something to offer to both its citizens and visitors. Whether you’re a local or a visitor committed to exploring Charleston, rest assured that enjoying the town’s beauty does not necessarily call for a generous budget. Thankfully, many of its attractions are free and, if you plan to spend your weekend visiting the Holy City, you can consider one of the activities below to do so without spending a cent.

Have a walk and a history lesson at White Point Gardens

If you’ve always been interested in the past and how things came to be, then a walk through the beautifully-landscaped White Point Gardens will help you learn more about the history of the place while feasting your eyes on scenic views. Spreading across 5.7 acres, the park is often referred to as “The Battery” and has witnessed and survived several wars including the War of 1812.

The gardens are home to an impressive number of war cannons, historic monuments, and antebellum mansions that will walk you through the local history and help you build a visual map of the town’s past.

Relax on a pristine beach

In case you plan to visit Charleston in the summer, you can relax with your dear ones on one of the beautiful beaches the town is home to. You can enjoy many of its beaches for free. The only fee you’d pay is the one for car parking.

However, if you plan on staying for more than a weekend and bringing your whole family with you, you might want to consider a beach vacation rental as such services will let you stay on the beach. This means that you will no longer need parking and thus avoid paying for it.

If you’re in Charleston just for a couple of days, you can cool off in the many water fountains and waterworks spread across the town. The Pineapple Fountain has become iconic, yet there are many other spots where you and your little ones can wash away the summer heat.

Learn more about the history of tea

If your favorite moments of the day usually include a cup of tea, then a visit to the Charleston Tea Plantation should also be added to your to-do list. The plantation spreads across 127 acres and hosts thousands of tea bushes. Touring the plantation involves no admission fee.

However, if you find the place a bit too vast to explore by foot and you want to try the trolley tour, there is a small charge. Still, given the information provided during the educational tour and the variety of tea plants you will get to see, it is worth every cent.

Picnic outdoors

Nature lovers will easily find a nice place to visit when in Charleston. If you like to spend time near water whether tanning or fishing, the many beaches will help you with that. If going for a fishing session is too much of a trouble as you’d have to check a few alternatives to renew your gear or find a spot where you can fish for free or for a small fee, you might want to consider spending the day in the Angel Oak Park.

The star of this beautiful place is the impressive Angel Oak tree as the name suggests. The 500-year-old tree has a height of over 65 feet and offers a view you will surely not forget too soon. The park is free to visit, so all you have to do is to pack lunch and find a nice spot where you can have it with your dear ones.

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