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Why More and More Students Use Writing Services and Is It Bad for Them



The past decade has given birth to hundreds, if not thousands of different essay writing services on the Web. This number was bound to grow considering how many students use an essay writing service today to deliver their papers on time. According to researchers, over 20,000 university students buy their essays online instead of writing them.

Such interest is bound to result in some controversy. Nowadays, students of all ages are using essay writing service to get out of a tight deadline or a complicated project their professors assign. Some do it because they are lazy, others because the task is too hard, and of course, there are those who do it because of lack of time.

Naturally, the educational system and educators are strongly against this. Therefore, it is safe to say that the idea of paying to get your paper unveils huge issues in the system. This might be legal since it’s just another service offered online but, it’s still a cause for many controversies regarding whether or not students are right to pursue this.

Defining Essay Writing Services

Essay writing services are based on selling online products and basically, freelancing. Some people offer their services individually, while most join big companies that tend to have more customers and better pricing offers. Based on their qualifications and the requirements of the essay service, writers can land a job in such a company and help students who place their orders on the site.

Now, these requirements can vary by a lot. Some companies have unchecked, easy hiring system that gets almost every interested candidate in. Other companies such as have a more detailed and thorough approach, therefore enjoying a much better reputation and more frequent successes.

The essay writing services can vary in terms of pricing, too. Students now have the chance to hire a paper writer at a silly cost and spend almost nothing, while some companies are known to offer extravagant prices in return for their help. Of course, there are those who offer prices that fall somewhere in the middle. Since the first are known for low quality and bad writers, and the second are known for being out of reach for students on a budget, the preferred option is, of course, an averagely priced service with great writers.

How and Why Students Order Their Academic Essay Online

There are plenty of reasons why students choose to use such services. One of them is their overwhelming list of assignments, which is why many students today choose to outsource some of their workload. Now that it is possible to pay an expert and be sure of the quality of the result, this is the most obvious solution to such issue.

International students who need to write papers in a language that’s not their native language are also frequent with this type of companies. And of course, there are those who hire writers online because they don’t feel like writing.

The latter is the biggest cause for concern and judgement among educators. Some students might have justified, good reasons for delegating their work, but others can use this to get high grades without the effort. In such cases, their quality of education will suffer. These are groups of students that are willing to spend their money on writers who will do all their work for them because they don’t take the assignments seriously, aren’t interested to learn the subject, or don’t like writing at all.

Because of all this, some believe that hiring essay services to do your essays equals cheating.

Tips for Using and Choosing Writing Services

If you are having your doubts about using writing services, here are some tips that will help you figure it all out.

  • If you do decide to order online, make sure to order from a private and confidential source. If your school finds out what you did, you can face severe and irreversible consequences.
  • Order online only if you have no other solution, or if the workload is causing you too much stress and is harmful for your health. Essays are assigned to help you develop important skills so, if you have the time and the means, handle these on your own.
  • Delegate your tasks if you are facing unreasonable workload and deadlines. Professors that  exaggerate should not be the cause of sleepless nights and too much stress that can potentially harm your health and well-being.
  • If you feel like your task is too important and you don’t have the skills to do it well, pay someone you’re sure can deliver if this affects your academic performance and future.
  • Find an excellent writing service and use only that one – this should give you access to great discounts.

Ordering from a writing service is not necessarily a bad thing. With the right reason and a good service, this can be the best solution to your academic problems.

Author’s Bio

Jeff Blaylock is an expert editor at an essay writing service. His job is to check the work of freelance writer and see if it fits the order’s requirements. He’s also a blogger and does some freelance writing himself.

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