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Miami or Atlantic City? – A good getaway for people in Charleston



Winter in South Carolina is definitely not something to look forward to. Although it’s not as bad as in states like Vermont and Maine, it’s still very uncomfortable when that cold wind hits our skin. Yes, sure many people enjoy the cold simply because they can start dressing up in fancy coats and all the new fashion trends, but for most of us, feeling very comfortable and mobile in our clothes while not freezing to death is a much more enjoyable experience.


Because of this, many people from Charleston decide to head south towards Miami in pursuit of better weather and some additional fun activities to do while they’re at it. The beach, some local tribal casinos and spa resorts are all the rage in southern Florida, but not enough to be the 100% correct decision during the off-season.


Because of this quite a lot of folks from Charleston decide to head north instead of south. It may sound a bit weird when viewing it from a weather standpoint, but in this article, we’d like to focus on entertainment rather than what climate conditions are available in each city. So let’s begin.

Atlantic City – pros & cons

One of the biggest cons of Atlantic City is the distance from Charleston. Sure Miami is further away as well, but according to Google Maps, it’s going to take 2 hours longer by car. Although most people opt to take the plane, a road trip is something that folks from South Carolina are known for.


And why wouldn’t they be? The Eastern states are famous for their amazing green nature and quite a lot to see on the road. A lot more cities and towns to stop on the way and overall much more to enjoy while driving down the 95th.


Another con to Atlantic City is its focus on gambling rather than anything else. The whole town is notorious for multiple casinos, hotels, and very few other entertainment opportunities. But many could see this as a pro as well.

But for the sake of this article, we are going to refer to it as a con, simply because the hotels can become extremely overcrowded. It’s more of an urban vacation spot, meaning that a lot of people in the streets and sometimes hard-to-get spots in local restaurants and gambling stations.


The biggest advantage of Atlantic City is that it’s a gambling hub and not just a gambling location. For example, one of the best online casinos in Australia managed to reach so much fame simply because it had gathered every gambling game imaginable on one website. Atlantic City does it pretty much the same but offline. It gathers multiple casinos that contribute little by little, and by the end create a gambling hub that has the most modern and sophisticated choice of games available.

Miami – pros & cons

When it comes to sunny Miami, there are very few cons that one could potentially list for Charleston folk. But, for the sake of the article, we have to really dig to get to the primary issues no matter how inconsequential or small they may be. It may come across as subjective, but it’s an issue nonetheless.


The first con for Miami is the heat, of course. Even during the off-season, Florida tends to be quite the boiling pot for tourists. This could be one reason why people visit it primarily during off-season simply because Summer there is unbearable.

If you’re heading down from Charleston to Miami, you better know that the favorite coat you wear on a daily basis is not going to be useful down there.


The next con is pricing. Although Atlantic City is close to a larger city such as New York, where people have a relatively decent income per capita, it’s still much more affordable than Miami.


You see, although Miami is a tourist destination for most American folk, it’s also very popular with foreign tourists. This means that hotels are jacking up the prices simply because they know about the city’s reputation and can get away with it.

If you’re heading down to Miami, better make sure that you have twice the amount you think you actually need there.


The biggest advantage to Miami has to be the food though. The authentic Cuban cuisine that tourists get to enjoy in this city is simply beyond any spa resorts or picturesque beaches. There is no Sambuca or Tequila Sunrise that could match the absolute mouth-watering food that local Cuban communities make for the tourists.

If you’re going to Miami, make sure that most of your budget is going to be spent on the food, simply because you won’t be able to stop once you begin.

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