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4 Reasons Why Charleston is worth Research Paper Writing



Haven’t you still chosen the topic for your research paper? For example, Charleston is definitely worth writing about. Do you want to know why? Then this article is right for you.

US history is filled with notable places where the important events took place, and Charleston is one of them. However, it’s not the only history that makes this city be so well-known not only among Americans but also around the globe, which adds even more value when it comes to choosing it as an object for one’s research. Here we’ll take a look at what facts can make this geographical location a great object to explore.

Historic Importance

If you have an option to choose any city and write an essay about its significance in the history of the US, Charleston is the right one to go for because it has so many references to the establishing of the States as a country we know now. First settled by the English colonist in the mid 17th century, it quickly gained the status of an important port city (pun unintended). However, the main reason why one could request research paper services and pay someone for the research paper is what Charleston became in the mids of the Civil War. South Carolina was the center of the fights for the States’ rights until the Confederacy formation, and Charleston happened to be one of the first places to mark the beginning of the Civil War. Here you have the Fort Summer capture (1860) and the Union’s blockade of the city (1863-1865) and freeing it by military advance under the command of General Sherman. The historical weight of this city is immense, but if you already started googling “write my paper on Charleston” or “do my essay for me”, there are a few more ideas to focus on. Oh, by the way, did you know this is the oldest city in South Carolina?

Charleston and Culture

Charleston is as much American city as it is European, and there is no place in the modern States that has so much architectural resemblance with the “old world” than this one. The old part of the city covered in cobblestones and the buildings look quite like the ones in England (with an American twist, of course). Plus, it has the first and oldest museum in the United States, one of the first public gardens. From this perspective, you can research how the European culture has influenced the cultural development of the States, and in what way it became different.

Charleston and Social Studies

In case you’re studying demographic or other social studies, Charleston can be an interesting point to make a project about. First of all, it’s said to be the friendliest American city which adds to it being among the safest to live. Secondly, it has an extensive private and public school system that serves both metropolitan and rural areas with a distinctive quality. In addition, the city has top-ranked military schools and academies that are considered the best in the nation. It’s also a notable fact that the city is gaining a large influx of new residents every year, the big part of which are millennials. From this perspective, you can write a project on how this demographic change can influence the development of the city. The best thing about the paper writing services is that they focus on English tenses.

And Tourism

Those who study tourism and hotel business can find this place quite a spot, and rightly so. Charleston tops the list of favorite American destinations for 3 consecutive years. So why don’t research what does this city has that it’s so attractive for American people and fro overseas tourists? By the way, did you know that Charleston is often referred to as a city of high-end bachelor parties? Yes, not Las Vegas only.


This city is a great research subject for various disciplines – from history to hospitability to culture and art, and there is a lot to research by using a comparative method, in particular. The good thing is that there is a lot of sources to help you make yours not only an assignment to get the great but also an interesting read to educate others on the issue. And in case you are afraid to miss the deadline, there are plenty of agencies to help you out.

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