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The Other Jon Smith Is One Exceptional Sub Shop



Mt. Pleasant Eatery Home To The “World Famous Steak Bomb Sandwich’

By: Jeff Walker, Business Review

There are primarily two ways to spell one of the most common male names in America. There is John, and its shorter version without the ‘h’, Jon. While John Smith is recognized as the most popular name in the United States, mostly due the English nobleman who helped found our country, fast forward three hundred plus years, and to Floridians the name Jon Smith has become synonymous with great tasting submarine sandwiches.

After acquiring a couple of sub shops in his native Palm Beach County Florida, founder Jon Smith re-invented the submarine sandwich focusing on three main objectives, quality, value, and customer service. The overall result reflects their mission statement ‘Higher Quality – Bigger Portions – Better Subs’.

Smith oversaw the growth of his business, seeing it grow throughout the Sunshine State until United Franchise Group (UFG) got wind of his model and purchased the company in 2018, helping it expand to various locations throughout the country in less than two years. Jon Smith Subs now has locations in Texas, California, New Jersey, Georgia, Virginia and outside the United States.

In 2019 Mount Pleasant residents Jennifer and Greg Goode decided to take a bite (pun intended) out of the UFG portfolio, bringing Jon Smith Subs to Mount Pleasant Town Center. While there is no shortage of sandwich shops east of the Cooper, or in greater Charleston, the Goode’s liked what they saw in Jon Smith Subs, and decided it was an ideal fit for the low country.

Like many franchise owners the Goode’s are quick to point out the ‘thrill of the grill’ is what sets the sandwich shop apart. Jon Smith Subs doesn’t sell junk. They don’t steam or microwave their meat, or roll it out from pre-cooked bundles. When you order a hot and juicy steak or chicken sub, Jon Smith cooks genuine sirloin or white breast meat on a hot grill, similar to the well established eateries in NYC and Philly.

What sandwich lovers will recognize right away, is the quality of the food and how much meat you get on your sub. Safe to say it’s teeming with meat and fresh veggies, served on fresh rolls baked on site. One thing is for certain, chowing down on a sub made at Jon Smith Subs requires a lot of napkins, and perhaps a fork for the overflow. They are savory subs that will wreak flavorful havoc on your taste buds.

The Marinated Steak Sub (similar to a Philly Cheese Steak) or the traditional Italian layered with Genoa, smoked ham, pepperoni, capicola, provolone are enough to make New Yorkers rejoice. Sandwiches come in six inch lengths, or in the giant aka ‘the bomb’ size that will satisfy a gi-normous appetite, or may be perfect for couples to split.

What might be truly unique for a submarine sandwich shop is the fact Jon Smith Subs serves up french fries. Parents need not worry, they use non-peanut oil. Yes there is a prescribed kids menu. The only other things on the menu are salads, chips to go with your combo meal, and fresh cookies. Jon Smith Subs doesn’t stray far from the original menu, which has always been serving up unique flavors you won’t find anywhere else.

They offer a variety of signature sandwiches on sub rolls and traditional grilled breads. Of course you can customize your own creation. To answer your question ahead of time, yes you can call ahead for take out, and yes they offer catering. Jon Smith Subs are not fine dining, rather they are a good clean place to have a fine tasting sub sandwich.

If you’re looking for something different and crave a juicy sandwich, than you’ll be well satisfied at Jon Smith Subs in Mount Pleasant. You can find them just a couple doors down from Bed Bath & Beyond in Town Center on the end closest to Lowe’s Home Improvement. Want their physical address, hours, and phone number than click here

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