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6 Fun Five-Minute Team Building Activities for the Workplace



Team building activities is a collective term used for the various activities carried out by individuals to improve their social relations. These activities are fun and beneficial for multiple reasons. For one, they enable employees to communicate with one another, which helps to improve office relationships. Second, they help employees express their ideas and opinions thereby enhancing their confidence. Third, these activities help promote creativity and develop problem-solving skills among employees. Let’s take a look at 6 fun 5-minute team building activities that you can carry out in a workplace.

1. Two Truths and One Lie

This is a classic activity that allows people to get to know you better. No equipment is required for the game. To play this game, every player should think of two truthful statements about themselves and one false statement. Each player must select a person or a group of about 6 people or so to guess which statement, out of the three, was a false one.

2. Blind Retriever

This is a cool group game. In order to play this, you would need to create two or three groups of about three or four people in size. An object would need to be hidden, and one person from each group will be responsible for finding the hidden object. The trick here is that the person selected to do the search will be blindfolded and can only take verbal guidance from other team members to assist them in finding the object.

3. No Smiling

This is a ludicrous game, indeed. It involves all players trying to make a single person laughor smile. If the person fails in making the victim laugh and smile, the victim is titled as the winner. Please ensure that every person has a designated time slot in which they try to make them smile; a minute or two is a fair amount of time.

4. 18 and Under

This is another cool icebreaker game that allows employees to get to know one another. In this game, every employee must tell all others their biggest accomplishment when they were 18 years of age or younger. There is no winner or loser in this game, but you do get to learn more about other individuals.

5. The Dinner Party

This is an exciting game that aids you in knowing which people each individual employee really look up to or idealize. All you need to do is ask each employee which three people (dead or alive) they wish to have dinner with and why. This game can also help improve the listening skills of other individuals as well.

6. Show-and Tell

This has always been a classroom favorite. In order to engage employees in this game, simply ask each person to bring a prized possession of theirs and tell everyone why that possession means so much to them. This is an excellent game that helps others to see what people value most in their lives and about there people.

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