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A Weekend Away with Your Golf Buddies? Don’t Forget to Bring These Essential Items!



Because the golf equipment is not limited to designer golf clubs, forgetting some essentials on your way to the golf course with your pals can really ruin your trip once you get there. On the other hand, there’s no need to over-pack your golf bag with accessories you know you won’t use “just in case” you need them. To save you the hassle of coming up with a packing checklist, we’ve rounded up some essentials that will make your trip fun and your golf swinging smoothly.

Divot Tool 

A divot fixer isn’t usually a tool on the top of a golfer’s head when packing, but it should be. It’s common golf etiquette to repair divots in the green to avoid those little dents from getting in the way of other golfers’ lines. A good golfer always keeps the course in its best condition for oneself and for others. Keep a few different sized tools in your bag, although your golf course might be able to provide you with a couple for free.


These devices aren’t just a luxurious addition to your golf bag organizer; some of them are wearable around the wrist, while others can be downloaded on your phone. And because distance control is the secret to scoring on a golf course, you’re going to want to keep this handy on your next golf trip. No matter what your budget is, you’ll always find a device within your price range. The Left Rough is a good place to start for beginners who need to familiarize themselves with different features and shapes that these devices boast. While mobile apps are more affordable options, we recommend purchasing a watch or a handheld device for better accuracy.

Club Brushes 

Because you want your swing to be as accurate as possible, a club brush is an essential that keep your clubs dust free. It’s always a good idea to brush off the heads of your clubs after every shot. This will make them last longer and protect them from rust. Always pick a brush with both soft and hard bristles. Use the hard part for removing tough stains like rust, and the soft end for lightly cleaning surface dirt.

Shoe Bag 

Staying hours on a golf course is bound to get your shoes a complete mess. It’s absolutely normal for your sparkling white sneakers to turn into a shade of gray after a tough game with your pals, but it will be a hassle trying to get back into your car without leaving traces of landscape dirt everywhere inside your vehicle. Always keep a pair of clean shoes in a golf shoe bag so you can slip into a clean pair before your ride back home.

Golf Gloves 

No matter how you predict the weather to be on that trip, you’re better off with a pair of decent golf gloves that keep your grip on your club tight and non-slippery. Some people assume that playing golf in cold temperatures don’t require wearing gloves, and while that’s true, you can never really predict the weather accurately, nor can you predict how your body reacts in a competitive game. Always keep a pair of extra gloves in your bag; it’s easy to lose those!

Golf Umbrella 

Although it’s best if you check the weather forecast before you head for that golf trip, if the rain ever surprises you on the course, you should never let that ruin your experience. A golf umbrella or a parasol can be used in both hot and humid temperatures to keep you and your expensive golfing tools safe and dry. These come in handy, especially on rainy days. Playing on the course while it rains is quite fun and makes the challenge more interesting, unless, of course, your hands and clubs are wet and slippery. Then it’s only a frustrating experience.


Not all essentials are golf-related. Before you go on that trip, make sure you check the weather and pack lots of sunscreen. Always apply it before your trip, as ultraviolet rays can be just as penetrative through car windows. If you know it will be a hot and sunny day, make sure you always pack a cap with you to protect yourself from heat strokes. Always opt for high SPF sunscreen brands, and reapply them every two hours for maximum protection. If you don’t like the greasy feeling of applying creams, sunscreen sprays are often non-greasy options.


Making a checklist of these essentials, and adding any more that you might need, will make your life easier and more organized. Make sure you share your checklist with your friends to avoid having to share your tools with others, which may make your experience less enjoyable.

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