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Top Slot Games Based on Movies and Series



Slot games have been all the craze for quite a while. They’re easy to play, making them extremely addictive. Slot games were generally found in popular casinos and are still making it big to this very day. The popularity of the game grew so much that its success has gone as far as reaching the virtual world. The internet now has such a wide variety of online slot gaming sites available that it’s simply impossible to keep track!

So many sites offer slots with different themes. This is done with real life slots as well, but the ability to get really creative has gone off the hook with the online versions. Themes of everything under the sun to appeal to every single person’s liking can be found. If you’re new to the online version of slots and are already a fan in real life, there are so many options with different themes online, the welcome offer on Kerching boasts of bonus spins as soon as you join, along with other exciting features that you’ll usually find with slots games on the internet. You’ll find that there will be lots of fun to be had and bonuses to be won when it comes to playing online too. So what, out of the hundreds of themes that you can think of, is something that may just appeal to the majority of people around the world? Many slot game creators have really been smart when thinking up going down the route of having slot games based on movies and series, because this is probably the biggest demographic they could have aimed for.


So the question here is, which slot games are considered to be the best that are based on movies and series? Read on to find out.


  • The dark knight –  There are more than enough Batman fans out there, so having a slot based on one of the movies is a must! The symbols are based on the characters from the movie. And the best part is that only if you win a bonus, do either Batman or the Joker appear.
  • Grease – This musical is a classic and will certainly pull at the heartstrings of many people, especially those from older generations. It’s really cool because it has an option where you can actually flip through the Rydell high school yearbook.
  • Nightmare on elm street – If you’re a fan of horror, then you know the importance of this movie within the genre, and will definitely want to check out this slot game. It sets the mood because all the writing is in the blood and you find all the main characters as well as a great creepy soundtrack to really round off the mood.
  • Jurassic Park – This slot will appeal to all people from all generations. Not only do you get to relive the game with your favorite Jurassic Park characters and a bunch of dinosaurs, but you also get 5 free spins.
  • Planet of the Apes – The creators of this slot in particular went all out because they integrated both part 1 and 2 of this movie by offering 2 games side by side.

TV series

  • Game of Thrones – The most popular TV series currently has found a home in the world of slot games! You can rest assured that a considerable number of fans will be dying to play this, as many of the features involve memorable characters and events from the series.
  • Family Guy – This much beloved adult animated series is represented in a fun and exciting way in this slots game. It includes all the characters and the graphics and the soundtrack are really awesome.
  • American Idol – The popular singing competition TV series is now on the slots, and it’s particularly outstanding because it was the first themed slot game to be featured on Facebook.
  • Star Trek – This is a classic series that has a ridiculously huge fan following, and that’s why it’s a must for fans to try out the slot. The characters are featured and it is a space themed game that will take you way back and way out into outer space!
  • South Park – Not many can deny the guilty pleasure of loving South Park and all its quirky insane characters, and that’s why playing this slot game is so much fun because the characters are involved in the bonus features, persuading you to keep playing for ages.

It’s sometimes difficult to narrow down the best movie and TV series themed slot games because there are so many available, and so many more to come. The key is to think of, which is your favorite and start the hunt accordingly, and chances are, you’ll be able to find a fun and addictive slot game themed on it, giving you your favorite characters and enticing you to stay and play those slots for hours on end!


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