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“The Play’s The Thing!” – Storytree Sheds Some Light on Shakespeare’s Female Roles



Press Release

This fall, Storytree Children’s Theatre gets back on the road again with a new show that shines new light on some of Shakespeare’s most famous female characters.

Ladies Among Lions, an original play written by Montana Repertory Theatre playwright, Laramie Dean, examines a few of the Bard’s famous characters through the female lens. Featuring such luminous and renowned characters as the three witches from Macbeth, Juliet from Romeo and Juliet, Katherine from Taming of the Shrew, and Ophelia from Hamlet, the show puts characters from several seminal Shakespearean plays front-and-center. Students are required to read these plays in school and Ladies Among Lions makes them visceral, accessible and, dare we say, fun to watch.

“Live theatre is a powerful form of storytelling,” Teralyn Reiter, founder of Storytree, says. “Using this medium to weave social issues into an education-based curriculum makes the information click for students.”

Shakespeare can be difficult to teach in school, especially when it is not experienced in the intended manner (i.e., on a stage). But Storytree offers an opportunity to work and interact with professional actors. For teachers, the show comes with a teaching aid handbook, complete with guided lessons, and a theatrical workshop to ensure students become fully immersed in the world of Shakespeare and his critical female characters.

“It is such a delight to see students interact with live, professional theatre in their very own school,” Reiter says. “It gives them a sense of ownership and investment in their education.”

Storytree continues to partner with the Gaillard Education Initiative to bring these plays to schools across the Lowcountry. Last year, touring productions reached over 4000 students and 15 schools in the tri-county area. Bringing theatre and arts education to the schools, instead of organizing costly field trips, is part of Storytree’s core mission.

Run time is approximately 55 minutes

When: Tour begins September 16 at Morningside Middle
Where: Any school in the Tri-County area is eligible
Cost: Typically, it costs about the amount of a school lunch per child to attend! Contact Storytree for pricing.

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