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A Visit to Charleston and Its Surroundings



Charleston is considered to be a great destination for travel enthusiasts. South Carolina tends to get very hot during Summer, and because Fall is upon us, this will be the best time to visit this gorgeous city and take in all of the many attractions that it has to offer. The city itself is beautiful to look at, being filled with gorgeous foliage, as well as, small and charming brick streets. Charleston’s foundation can be traced back to the 17th century. Back then it was simply known as Charles Town, named in honor of King Charles the second. Because of its age, the city is home to many historical curiosities and a large number of activities that people can be a part of.

A Place Full of Historical Locations

A visit to Charleston is a moment to slow down the daily routines and enjoy the many sights that the city has to offer. Fort Sumter is a great place to learn a bit about the city’s history. The Fort played an important role in the American Civil War and has become notable for two great battles that took place there. One other historical monument in the city to visit would be the Aiken-Rhett House Museum, a building which was constructed around 1820 and underwent restorations in 1840. The museum offers visitors a window into the lives of Charleston’s residents as they were back in the 19th century.

Entertainment and a Variety of Dining Options

Foodies will enjoy a visit to Charleston, as the city’s restaurants are plentiful with each one of them wanting to provide the best food experience for tourists. While the city is considered a small one, it offers a wide variety of delicacies to enjoy. Visitors can enjoy Le Farfalle which offers some great Italian delicacies and, for Mexican food lovers, there is Minero which offer some local Charleston food mixed and matched with some Mexican style cooking.

For gambling enthusiasts, Charleston may not offer any impressive choices. This city has only 2 casinos, however, there are some other well-known options in South Carolina that people can enjoy some gaming activities. There are but a few well-known casinos in the county of South Carolina. The Big “M”Casino is the one that many travelers know about. The casino itself is a small cruise ship. It has an impressive number of casino games to choose from including over 200 slot machines and 14 table games. The table games themselves feature all the classics, such as poker, blackjack, and roulette with friendly dealers to talk to and help with any questions one might have. Most people participating in casino gaming experiences enjoy slot machines, they can also be seen in online casino games, where people can enjoy many of the free slots that they offer. And so, The Big “M” is a casino that travelers should consider visiting even if not for gambling.

A Large Number of Touring Possibilities

City tours are prominent, especially in October. For example, the Ghost and Graveyard Walking Tour which gives tourists the possibility of visiting one of the oldest graveyards in the city during the night. The tour will teach people about the city’s various graveyards and about many famous residents who have found their resting place in them. Charleston is full of spooky urban folklore and supernatural stories that people can learn about during these tours and is something that every visitor to the city should experience.

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