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Top CBD Skincare and Cosmetic Products You Can Try



In the last few years, CBD has become a ubiquitous ingredient in everything from beer to coffee to pet products, and now it is coming up in beauty products.

Serums, moisturizers and oils containing CBD as a significant ingredient are found everywhere but does CBD actually benefit our skin? Studies say it is a strong botanical antioxidant and protects collagen, does not damage DNA and is helpful against sun damage.

Some studies have also established that CBD might be helpful in relieving inflammation, reducing breakouts and soothing redness because of its vitamin-rich and antibacterial properties.

However, you should read these studies with a pinch of salt as sufficient evidence has not been found in favour of all the above benefits, and it will always be essential to check local laws and regulations against CBD usage. If you have come here to find out which CBD products will enhance your skin beauty, here are some of the best products in the market right now.

  1. Microdose Lip Gloss by Saint Jane-

Lip gloss has become reasonably popular in recent times. Saint Jane’s Lip Gloss is the shimmering unicorn in the CBD market. It has a versatile gloss and provides a lightweight and sheer look. It can also be paired with a dark lipstick for an extra glossy finish. Saint Jane tells it’s a superpower. So many of you might not get the superpower but will be more than satisfied with satiny and soothed lips.

  1. Lord Jones Body Lotion-

Lord Jones was the first brand in the market to introduce CBD into the marketing campaigns. Lord Jones was the first brand in CBD to sell at Sephora and SoulCycle. They are considered the trailblazer in CBD world. This lotion is particularly helpful in reducing inflammation.

  1. Super Serum by Hora-

Hora is one of the most popular brands among people. It is a brand that people proudly display in bathroom vanities or bedrooms. This specific product is used before you apply the moisturizer. The hydrating base makes the application of the rest of the makeup easy.

  1. KhusKhus Sen Serum-

Sen is a gentle and soothing face serum. It includes rhododendron, which is an essential oil helpful for promoting skin elasticity. The brand takes great care in prioritizing consumer’s knowledge of the ingredients of the product. The company’s website has a glossary that makes the concept of “allostasis” and “phytotherapy” understandable to even a layman. For those who are still not sold on CBD products and want to experiment, there’s a sampler pack by the company for $38.

  1. Relief and Recovery Cream by Sagely Naturals-

This product is a blessing for massage therapists in spas. Use this after a long day in front of a computer screen or after an extremely hard workout. This recovery cream works wonders and calms you down like nothing else. The reason behind this is, the ingredient of the cream is not only CBD but menthol and peppermint as well. Both of these ingredients help in instant calming. It does not also stick to the skin like other oils- it dries pretty quickly and makes the skin feel nurtured.

  1. Deep Moisture Glow Oil by Herbivore Emerald-

This CBD oil is filled moisture and dries instantly on your skin. It also contains a small hint of Cannabis scent. The distinguishing factor about this brand is that it is “clean”. The products are vegan, gluten-free and cruelty-free. A lot of customers with rosacea have reported miraculous efficacy after using the product. However, a spot-test is always recommended before making the purchase.

  1. Calming Eye Balm by Cannuka-

The Cannuka’s research team blends select natural products with cannabis oil to introduce some skin-care products that markets specifically to skin problems. This product works best in getting rid of dark under-eye spots and puffiness. The product has excellent reviews online. Some consumers have gone so far to equate the effects to the outcome of botox treatment. Cannuka also mixes the oil with famous Manuka honey from New Zealand. Manuka is a natural ingredient that targets some irritating skin issues.

  1. Kush Mascara by Milk Makeup-

You will love the way this mascara makes your eyelashes look. They become smooth and healthy, and the best part is you won’t even realize you have put the mascara on. The mascara comes off as easily as it is applied- just use a cotton pad and water and you are done. Even after the removal, the eyelashes look hydrated and lively. The hemp in the product gives the mascara its volumizing effect and hydrating component. Get this product only for $24. The size is large enough to last for around four months.

  1. Kush Lip Glaze by Milk Makeup-

Another Milk Makeup product in the line. This lip glaze hydrates lips and gives a nice glossy finish. This product is paraben-free and uses a mixture of Moringa Butter and Jojoba oil. These ingredients add soothing and hydrating elements without making the stuff non-sticky. The product not only moisturizes but also heals the lips. Cocoa, shea and mango are also added in the ingredients to even out the lips’ texture.

  1. Repairing Night Cream by IsodiolCannaceuticals-

Isodiol has a seven-step program of skin-care that includes a toner, cleanser and a restoring lip and eye gel. The night cream has ingredients like vitamin E, aloe vera and exfoliating willow bark to hydrate and restore skin.

So many companies and big beauty brands are also moving towards Cbd for their new products. Though its better to choose a trusted brand while choosing your products. One of such brands IHF also has some very exciting CBD and hemp products that customers have reviewed positively. So don’t wait and grab a CBD beauty product before it gets banned due to “regulatory” reasons.

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