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Can CBD oil Used for Beard?



Cannabis Sativa seed oil or hemp oil is a major ingredient in beard oil. It is a non-psychoactive ingredient that comes from the marijuana plant – it can’t get you high but has some incredible benefits related to beard care.

Men who face trouble growing a beard can use CBD oil to achieve the length and luster they always wanted. The use of CBD oil for growing beard has gained immense popularity over the last few years because of the legalization of CBD and cannabis-related products across the USA.

This being the reason, there is no surprise that companies are taking the initiative to pair popular beard growing products that can have amazing results. Using CBD beard oil stimulates hair growth, offers skin the moisture it requires and a host of other benefits.

Does CBD oil help beard growth?

CBD oil has since long been believed to be of great benefit for beard growth and skin. It is because the CBD oils are made up of Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids, these when combined with vitamin E, leads to hair growth. The CBD oil is a nature’s gift – when applied regularly; it moisturizes the skin.

CBD oil offers the following benefits

  • Promotes healthy growth: Hair is made of a protein called keratin, using CBD oil regularly adds to the protein content of the hair strand and makes it structurally strong from the inside. It also makes follicles healthier that result in a stronger beard. CBD oil can be used on hair as well to promote hair growth.
  • Hemp oil is packed with lipids; it adds luster to the beard. The oil contains fatty acids which strengthen the fragile hair strands and can also make the hair appear thicker. It is a great choice, especially if you have a patchy beard.
  • The CBD oil penetrates through the skin and improves blood circulation. It soothes the skin and reduces dryness and itchiness, which is the biggest problem that one faces while growing the beard.
  • CBD oil is a rich source of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, which are very important for hair growth and are generally missing from our diets.
  • Regular use of CBD oil prevents premature aging of hair. It gives the hair a natural shine and tone. Being a natural ingredient, it also helps in getting rid of the acne.
  • It nourishes the skin and at the same time helps you to style it.

CBD is a natural ingredient and has a lot of anti-inflammatory properties that soothe the skin; it reduces the pain that comes with shaving and trimming. So, we know that it is a top tier product when it comes to beard growth, but did you know this popular supplement also stops hair fall. CBD is a rich source of magnesium, potassium, calcium, omegas, and vitamin E, which all work together to prevent frustrating beard problems.

Is CBD Oil safe for Beard?

CBD oil is an important component of your day-to-day hair regimen because it softens, conditions, and reduces skin inflammation. When you use this product regularly, you will find that it gives a shine to your beard and the aromatic fragrance oil contains make it smell much nicer and who wouldn’t want this?

It is good to use a standard CBD oil for hair growth, though you can try different brands until you find the one that best suits you. It isn’t at all a bad idea to invest in good beard oil if you are in love with your beard and want to make it look more stylish.

The best and safest practices to use CBD oil: 

  • Apply it after a hot shower when your hair is soft, it will allow the hair to absorb the oil easily.
  • Always dry your beard before applying the oil because if the hair in your beard already has moisture, CBD oil won’t absorb easily.
  • Change the way you use CBD oil with each season, or as per personal requirements. Some days your beard might require more oil, and on other days, it might look good even with few drops.
  • All CBD oils are different; each product is made keeping different requirements on the mind. So, it is always advised to see why you need a CBD oil, is it for luster, moisture, or for better growth.

Not all CBD oils are of equal value; sometimes manufacturers cut CBD oil with its substitutes to save money. While any CBD oil is good for the beard but the purer form will always offer great results. So, the buyers must never compromise on the quality and not go for the cheap alternatives to save money.

CBD oil has been proven to grow a better and Thicker beard. It is a great solution to the common beard problems such as a dull or patchy beard. Since the legalization of CBD, many beard oil brands have been introduced in the market. You can do your research and start with your beard care regimen today. If you do not want a stylish or a fancier beard, you can still use the oil to bring natural shine to your hair and moisture to the skin.

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