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Learn What it Takes to be a TEDxCharleston Speaker at August 26th Meetup



If you have ever wondered what it takes to be a speaker or performer at TEDxCharleston, head over to the TEDxCharleston Idea Maker Meetup on August 26th from 6 pm to 7:30 pm at the Charleston County Public Library Auditorium (68 Calhoun Street). Parking is available on ground level.

TEDxCharleston is currently seeking applications from idea makers in the Charleston community for the seventh annual event held in Spring 2020. No idea is too small, and you don’t have to be a public speaker to apply. The theme is CASCADES, which calls for ideas that trigger great force and movement within the Charleston community and beyond. Applicants have until September 15th to submit ideas online at

“Our mission for the Idea Maker Meetup is to allow members of the community to learn straight from the source, and to hopefully end their curiosity and inspire them to share their ideas,” Edith Howle, curator of TEDxCharleston, said. “Charleston is overflowing with unbridled change and innovation, and the ‘Cascades’ theme illustrates that level of momentum our city is experiencing. We are seeking applicants whose big ideas are what the city and world today need to hear and invite all to apply.”

Successful applications specify an idea worth spreading that brings business, scientific, artistic, or cultural breakthroughs to the TEDxCharleston stage and illustrate proof of its execution. All talks and performances are recorded in front of the live TEDxCharleston audience at the Music Hall and shared online with the TEDx global community. No public speaking experience is necessary, as each individual is assigned a TEDxCharleston speaker coach, but speakers must demonstrate subject matter expertise.

Organizers will announce this fall the 2020 event date and location. More information on speaker and performer submissions and the next event is available at Videos of this year’s TEDxCharleston speakers and performances are also available for viewing here.

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1 Comment

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