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Teach Your Kids to Use Technology Wisely – Complete Guide



It’s not something new or some sort of breaking news that we are stuck with new technology and the new innovation is here to stay. Among other things, the existence of technology means that our kids will have to rely on the tech skills in the nearby future. Therefore we need to prepare them a great foundation so that they have an idea on how they can use technology wisely. Using technology wisely is not all about knowing how to play with the computer keyboards. But making real money out of it is actually the main goal. For instance betting online for real money that is one of the ways of knowing how to make money with the new tech.

Regardless, there are other things kids can learn to make sure that they use technology wisely in the future.

Kids of 3-5 Years

This age range is whereby most kids will now be able to carry a good conversation with other people and in most case this is the time kids will mostly have their first experience with advanced technological gadgets such as computers and mobile smartphones.

This is actually a good thing that the kids will have an amazing experience with the new technology. But you should also set some restrictions on the time frame they should spend on the computer.

6 to 12 Years of Age

The much recommended screen time for schoolchildren must not exceed more than two hours per day. Some might give some excuse that they are doing school work on the computer but that does not stop them from interacting with the outside world and get exposed to stuff that are not meant for them.

It is good for you as a parent to place your bets and play online pokie games for real money. But when the kids follow the same route it become very dangerous to them since online casino gambling is not for people under the age of 18 or 21.

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