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Indeed Launches Career Guide For Job Seekers In Charleston



The age of devoting countless hours eagerly trying to source and shortlist the perfect employment opportunities online have long gone. In a valuable addition to an already well-established employment search platform, Indeed has recently added to their extensive resources with the addition of the Charleston Career Guide. Not only does the job seekers platform provide extensive resources to benefit job seekers, but in addition makes it easy for employers to find the perfect fit for the key position.


The comprehensive platform enables both job seekers and potential employers to properly advertise and promote specific roles, experience, and specific requirements, enabling all exploring parties to quickly and efficiently narrow down the likely opportunities. With over a million CV’s, there is no doubt that Indeed is one of the most popular, global job seekers platforms.


In a few easy steps, you can create and validate an account which will enable you to post or search for advertised positions.


Job Seeker Platforms Offer One-Click Resources


With a single keyword and one-click search, these wide-reaching platforms offer both employers and job seekers a number of efficient solutions. From an impressive number of valuable resources to the extraordinary ability to efficiently utilize a considerable number of external resource links to further research job information, reputable firms, and additional job requirements, independent testing and preparation properties.


In a few simple clicks, potential employers can short-list the most likely candidates from a diverse group of experienced professionals. Job seekers can quickly and efficiently narrow down favorable opportunities. This information can be narrowed down to not only a key location but additionally, allows you to set notifications for positions in a specific geographical location.


Some positions include benchmarks for potential earnings by key position or job category. Not to mention, multiple links to specific key employers and firms. During my search, one such popular search resource for independent consultants of which there were over 250 positions advertised. The comprehensive search also enables you to narrow down the job posts by the name of the firm. These sites represent a wealth of information for any job seeker.


For example:


During the active search, I was capable of going from viewing a considerable number of key posts for consulting positions to being able to research other requirements and key information through resource links and keywords. These connections links continued diverting my research, with one such link diverting my research right down to information regarding the McKinsey PST.


Making Informed Decisions


The essential requirements laid out for potential employers when posting a position undoubtedly makes it easy for job seekers to carry out informed decisions. Not simply do the posts include deadline dates and company details but goes on to provide other resources and information, including:


  • Essential background on the company posting the position
  • The principal objectives, specific purpose, and particular expectations
  • The requirements are simply and efficiently laid out in terms of specific and essential qualifications and practical experience
  • The specified duration of the position, whether permanent or temporary
  • Essential requirements in terms of the submission details, CV and cover letter.
  • Deadline for proposals


The Career Guide In A Nutshell


Signing up and uploading your CV to a reputable job seeker site enables you to make yourself visible. Not only will your CV be detectable to potential employers but also recruiters. There are a number of searches, guides and research tips available, make use of these and stay informed. When in doubt, ask questions and take the time to view the career guides, clearly and strategically set up to guide the applicant in selecting the ideal choices.


Career guides include a number or informative resource, tips and examples, including:


  • Formulating an impressive resume
  • A comprehensive guide to writing a powerful your cover letter
  • Valuable information on top paying positions
  • How to follow up on potential applications and what to do when not hearing back from prospective employers
  • Comprehending what to expect and how to prepare for the interview
  • Knowing how to positively identify and utilize your strengths and weaknesses

Best Career Options 



When considering a career to pursue, it’s crucial to have a solid educational background so that you can gain professional experience from highly reputable companies. There is a wide array of career options, and starting from an entry-level job is not bad at all.


Once you have gained the right knowledge, skills, and experience, you can soar high and apply for a greener pasture, aiming for a more senior position or applying in a more prestigious company with the best employee benefits and career opportunities.


Here are different career field you might want to consider:


  • Accounting Career: With a degree in accounting, you can pursue your accounting career and get to work in a tax agency or enterprises in various industries.

You might want to try tax accounting. This involves understanding and implementing rules under the Internal Revenue Code, ensuring that individuals and companies comply when preparing tax returns.

  • Healthcare Career: Now more than ever, the health industry needs workers because of the current pandemic crisis. Caregivers, nurses, nursing assistants, doctors, and therapists are in demand right now and would still be in the next coming years.
  • Digital Marketing Career: Marketing and advertising have evolved and penetrated the online world to its highest levels. Almost every business has a website, so developing a strong web presence and promotion is crucial.

Some examples of digital marketing jobs include SEO specialists, content writers, copywriters, graphic artists, online marketers, and social media managers.

  • Technology-related Career: IT analysts, IT managers, IT security experts, and other IT-related jobs are in-demand because of the increasing use of digital technologies.

Website security, ease of use, responsiveness, and reliability are important to gain consumer’s trust and confidence, so companies try to keep up with the latest technology and hire more people to manage business systems nowadays.


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