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Extra-ordinary way on how to revamp your weekly schedule



Have you ever wondered why most weeks are characterized by fatigue and bumping into unplanned schedules? Most times we are always wishing to skip all the days and just get to Friday. Normally we have such wishes on Monday or Tuesday when we are nowhere near Friday. This is because we might be doing something wrong. It’s high time you revamp your weekly schedules which will help you to work better and actually make the work more enjoyable.

Make peace with your sleep

You wake up earlier than expected because you want to skip the traffic, you will work for an average of 8 hours on that day. When you finally get home, you can’t really rest and catch on your social life because chores will be right in your face.  After all that you still have to keep up with your social media, read latest news about uk casinos, read world news, watch your TV shows and maybe meet up with friends in town. Before you know it, you will be left with just 5 hours of sleep. We normally tell ourselves that we will pay back during the weekends and that will be a lie. Weekends come with so much drama. Hence the reason why we will be tired every day of the weekday.

How to deal with a debt of sleep

One thing to note is that if you fail to sleep tonight, it can never be compensated by sleeping a day later. What you need to do is avoid having that debt. When you are coming up with that weekly schedule make sure you plan everything according to their levels of priority. Time management is another important aspect. Do not forget to incorporate your time for if you want to win real money online pokies at your favourite pokies sites.


Sometimes we do not plan for other events that just sprout up from nowhere. But when you are making your schedule, you have to bear in mind that some things are not planned and make time for that to avoid inconveniences.

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