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Annex Dance Company and Eclectic Chamber Orchestra present “Overhaul”




Press Release

Annex Dance Company and The Eclectic Chamber Orchestra will present Overhaul on Monday, June 3rd at The Schoolhouse as part of the Piccolo Spoleto Festival. There will be two performances at 6 pm and 8 pm. Individual tickets can be purchased for $16 both at the door and online.

Movement meets music meets movement in this exciting collaborative performance by Annex Dance Company and Eclectic Chamber Orchestra. Originally premiered at Charleston’s Rick Rhodes Studio in 2013, Overhaul explores the dynamic intersection of modern dance and music. Old works get a new treatment and give rise to fresh innovations as the dancers and musicians clash, melt, and intersect in space and rhythm. Annex Dance Company artistic director Kristin Alexander’s interconnected approach to choreography paired with Eclectic Chamber Orchestra artistic director Laura Ball’s genius for melding musical genres and styles provides an evening of unexpected moments and true human connection.

Alexander and Ball decided to revisit Overhaul because their creative processes were pushed during the original collaboration, with the music changing the dynamics and tone the movement, and the movement leading to new musical arrangements.

Overhaul was my first evening-length collaborative performance with Laura Ball,” Alexander said. “Since then we have collaborated on various projects ranging from master classes to full concerts. Besides having great respect for each other in our artistic disciplines, we share a common vision for making the arts accessible, connecting with new audience members, and collaborating in every sense of the word.”

Although much of the original production will stay the same, current Annex Dance Company repertory and a change of instrumentation will lead to new creative developments. In anticipation of the upcoming remount of Overhaul, Ball said, “Revisiting old work with different players is always a welcome challenge and an exciting musical adventure. As each player and instrument creates a new and unique voice, the music changes shape as it evolves from off the page—through the fingers of the players—and jumps into the bodies of the dancers. I always look forward to experiencing the new work as it begins to take on fresh shapes and new sounds.” Alexander and Ball last co-presented at the Piccolo Spoleto Festival in 2017, so they are hoping to re-connect with audiences who have supported their collaborative projects over the years.

Annex Dance Company will be performing Overhaul at The Schoolhouse located at 720 Magnolia Road, Charleston, SC 29407. Since opening its doors in 2016, The Schoolhouse has partnered with Annex Dance Company to host innovative performances in a unique setting.

To find more information about the performance and to explore the behind-the-scenes creative process, visit the Annex Dance Company website, Facebook page, or follow the company on Instagram @annexdancecompany.

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1 Comment

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