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Charleston Wine + Food Festival

14th Annual Charleston Wine & Food Fest Has Something For Everyone



Whether You Are Casual Visitor or Hardcore Attendee, There Is Much To Celebrate 

By: Jeff Walker, Entertainment Writer

The food & drink community aka the hospitality industry’s equivalent to a rock music festival, takes place all weekend long as the 14th annual Charleston Wine & Food Festival kicks off Thursday thru Sunday in downtown Charleston. With much of the focus happening at the Marion Square Culinary Village the Charleston Wine & Food Festival is a celebration of the art and storytelling of two of our most revered loves, great food and even greater fruit from the vine.

Don’t be fooled by all its glitz and glamour. The CW&FF is a pro-active 501(c)(3) non-profit organization proudly supporting Charleston and the Lowcountry’s diverse culinary + hospitality community. Check out their website and you’ll discover, although the annual event grabs the lion share of the attention, the organization is all about diversity, community, stewardship and promoting the people who dedicate themselves to the hospitality industry. The festival was created to showcase all the Charleston Wine & Food group have to offer.

That said there is so much happening over the four day period at the festival. Again the epi-center may be Marion Square but there are plenty of festivities taking place daily and at night just a stones throw away from the square. From world renowned chefs and bakers, to sommelier (wine expert) and farmers the annual CW&FF draws on the unique artisans of their craft. Their participant website page best describes the talent coming to the Holy City.

For the casual festival attendee a visit once or twice to the Culinary Village will fully satisfy your interest and palate. It is a must visit during your weekend trek to the festival. An all-inclusive daily ticket guarantees five hours of tasting, sipping, chef demos, live music, retail therapy, and more. The Culinary Village is akin to a food & drink neighborhood block party.

At the village you’ll enjoy lively demonstrations, colorful seminars, and a plethora of food & wine samples that will tantalize your taste buds. With over a 100 vendors from across the country and the globe, the festival showcases great food, great drink including the much heralded craft beer industry, and retailers who cater to the food & drink community.

In just 14 years the Charleston Wine & Food Festival has become one of the premier events in the country, the southeastern United States, and in Charleston. Visitors come from all over to partake in the events, and the graceful revelry the festival and the low country of South Carolina has to offer. It’s a win win for everyone involved. If you love wine, if you love food, if you love a celebratory atmosphere than the Charleston Wine & Food Festival is a must attend event. To grasp the magnitude and details of a particular event, and all the festival has to offer it is best to visit their website at

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