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Donations Being Taken for Emergency Foster Care Children



A Daniel Island woman is collecting donations for a colleague who is an Emergency Foster Care Mother for Charleston County and the surrounding area. The colleague was recently sent two young children that came from a horrible living situation and are in great need of just about everything.

Sra Andonia, the woman collecting donations for the children, provided the following details regrading the situation:

“I cannot go into too many details, as a legal case is pending, involving child neglect and abuse, however, I can share with you this: The children were found, along with two other siblings, living in a 12’ x 14’ shed in a rural area. They had no plumbing, heating or water. Cardboard boxes were stapled to the walls for insulation. They were using an old tire (outside) as a toilet. Inside the shed was old bedding covered in mold. There was spoiled food everywhere. The children had few clothes, no toys, no books and poor nutrition.”

She continued, “The children have been placed in various foster homes. The two children that are staying with my colleague are blessed, indeed, as she is a caring mother, a wonderful teacher and a genuinely good person. However, she needs our help.

The children came to her, literally, with the clothes on their backs. That is all they have. She has given me a list of things that the children need. The list is relatively short, but, I can tell you that these children have nothing and can use almost anything and everything.”

Here is the list of items needed and some more information about the children:
  • Female Child – Age 10 yrs.
    • Needs All Clothes
      • Clothing size: Girls 10-12
      • She wears skirts and dress more than pants (she fits into skirts and dresses better than pants, at this time)
      • Needs shirts/ sweaters
      • Needs an extra coat (maybe gloves and a hat)
      • Badly needs Shoes & Socks: Size 4
      • Needs leggings
      • Loves bows for hair, but has none (shoulder length hair)
      • Loves purple and pink and Glittery (Wants to be ‘girly’…just has never had the chance)
      • P.J.’s or nightgowns
      • Robe
      • Slippers
    • A special stuffed animal
    • Enjoys books (Has only 1 or 2 from the library, just finished reading Charlottes’s Web
    • Would like a wtch (has never had one)
    • Toiletries
    • A special pillow and blanket of her own
    • Maybe a small suitcase, backpack or basket for her things
    • She would like a wallet and a purse
    • Any toys or special items that you think a little girl of 10 yrs., would like
  • Male Child – 11 years old
    • Needs All Clothes
      • Clothing Size: Boys size 10- 12
      • Shirts, Sweaters, Pants, Shorts (for warmer weather)
      • Coat, gloves, hat, etc.
      • A belt
      • Badly needs Shoes & Socks: Size- Boys 5 1/2 (He expressed a wish for Blue Adidas shoes or Vans), but, really, needs anything
      • P.J.’s and Robe
      • Slippers
      • Toiletries
      • A big hoodie (size 14)
      • A navy-colored hoodie or jacket (for school)
    • A special stuffed animal
    • Legos (loves them, but has never had any of his own)
      • His Foster Mom has expressed that she thinks he would benefit from Legos and or any other building/construction-type toy or model. He shows an interest in “how things work”
    • Books (Enjoys reading and being read to)
      • He just began the Wimpy Kid’s Diary series (from the library) and is really enjoying those
    • A Watch (never had one)
    • A Wallet (never had one)
    • A special pillow and blanket of his own
    • A small suitcase or backpack for his own things
    • Any ‘toys’ or special items that you think a boy of 11 yrs. would like. He would appreciate anything
Andonia said she can arrange to pick-up items this week, but you can also drop off items at Church of the Holy Cross (299 Seven Farms Drive) on Daniel Island. It’s requested that you drop off items in the afternoon between 2 pm and 3 pm. If you choose to drop off, please put things in a box marked, attention to Sra Andonia. The folks at the church will hold the items for her to pick up and deliver to the foster mom.
Andonia said you can message her on Facebook if you have any questions. You can contact her through Facebook for pick-ups too.


  1. Ashey

    February 8, 2019 at 10:16 am

    Hello. How do you contact the individuals collecting the items to determine what is still needed and to organize delivery/ pick-up? There is no contact information listed. Thank you!

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