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Hendrick’s Orbium Gin Has Coming Out Party In Charleston



Established Gin Maker Takes Product To The Next Level

By: Jeff Walker, Business Review

Recently Hendrick’s Gin unveiled their latest product to the Holy City, and what better way to introduce a new gin to the low country, than to host gin lovers and the media at the Gin Joint at 182 East Bay Street in the heart of downtown Charleston. In a city that firmly celebrates the food and drink community, debuting Hendrick’s Orbium Gin was well received during the reception.

Hendrick’s is no stranger to the world of gin. Formed two decades ago in Scotland, Hendrick’s has been offering up juniper infused gins with cucumber and rose since 1999. Their pot stilling process traces back to the mid 1800’s and allows Hendrick’s to derive a product that is more subtler with light floral characteristics.

There commitment to quality and uniqueness has garnered Hendrick’s a bevy of awards over the years, being named ‘best gin in the world’ by the Wall Street Journal in 2003. High praise for a company that had only been around four years when the WSJ extended the accolade. But with traditions dating back centuries Hendrick’s has become accustom to the praises.

All that leads up to their latest concoction, Hendrick’s Orbium Gin. Creatively fashioned by Master Distiller, Lesley Gracie, Orbium is instilled with additional extracts of Quinine, Wormwood and Blue Lotus Blossom, to give as Hendrick’s exclaims ‘an exquisitely peculiar gin that sits firmly on the palate’. Hendrick’s has taken their traditional gin and introduced classic flavors primarily found in tonics and vermouth.

Those attending the private party sipped on four separate selections of cocktails with Orbium Gin as the foundation. Among the samplings were a neat and dry vermouth Orbium martini, as well a very subtle ‘Mr. Sandman’s Serenade‘ blended with Maraschino liqueur, honey syrup, and lime juice. ‘A Stone’s Throw‘ mixes Orbium with Italian Carpano Bianco (vermouth) with hints of apricot and eucalyptus. My personal favorite was the ‘Chrysalis Cocktail’ blended with fresh lime juice, bitter orange, absinthe, and Cap Corse Mattei Blanc (Italian bitter).

Hendrick’s Gin has already established themselves as a world wide curator of premier gins. The Orbium takes Hendrick’s to the next level. Gin lovers will no doubt fall in love all over again with the unique and sophisticated intoxication of Hendrick’s Orbium Gin.

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