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South Carolina Birth Certificates Online Application



Ordering your birth certificate in South Carolina has never been this easy especially with the prompt facilitation offered by our professional online service. If you urgently need to replace your birth certificate or that of a loved one living in South Carolina you do not have to suffer through slow-moving lines in government facilities. South Carolina Birth Certificates online service is privately owned and well organized to comprehensively review your application and help you prepare all the necessary documents required by the Vital Records Office.

Our user-friendly website systematically guides you through the process and it only takes five minutes of your time to fill your application form from the comfort of your home. We have multiple experts with a wide experience in the field ready to review your application providing you with a birth certificate application package free of errors with all the necessary documentation.  You can confidently mail your application to the Vital Records Office with an assurance of getting your certificate without delay having met all the standard requirements. Your birth certificate will be delivered at your doorstep after a short while successfully completing a very effective system designed for your convenience.

The importance of a birth certificate in South Carolina cannot be disregarded as it gives residents access to government benefits, a mandatory requirement when getting a passport, social security, registering in a new school, driver’s license or even applying for the military.  A birth certificate is clear proof of your identity and legitimacy as an American citizen. We understand how tasking it is to get a replacement for your birth certificate when your original gets lost or damaged under any pretext. This motivates us to create functional structures of obtaining a replacement copy without subjecting yourself to unnecessary strain caused by the dysfunction in government institutions.

When you are in dire need of an authorized copy of your birth certificate, government regulations require you to get it from your specific State of birth. In South Carolina you only need to fill an online form provided in our website and we will help you obtain the authorized copy just in time for your new job application or other pressing personal obligations. The state is privileged to have multiple vital records offices and county recorders of deeds in Lexington, Grenville, Charleston, North Charleston, Columbia, Charleston cities and even Spartanburg County.

Birth certificates are sensitive personal documents and we treat them in such regard with top-of-the-line encryption systems for our website. Even the South Carolina office of vital records restricts accessibility of such records to direct family members and the proven legal representatives of any given family. Our services guarantee you 100% satisfaction as every form filled is highly prioritized in the review process.  The basic requirements required are a copy of any document that verifies your identity such as your photo ID, driver’s license or in special cases a sworn notarized statement.

A birth certificate processing fee of $12 is the minimum charge in South Carolina State. You can expect the delivery of your official documents to your premises from 2 to 4 weeks depending on the specific duration you applied considering that peak seasons could take longer.

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