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Local Charleston Artist Auditioned for Season 2 of NBC’s “Making It” with Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman



Bowers with Mayor John Tecklenburg

Deane Bowers, a local “environmental folk artist,” says she was recently asked to audition for Season 2 of the NBC show Making It starring Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman.

Bowers says she had to submit a lengthy application and a 2-minute video as part of the submission process. She has a good chance of being cast since the show’s producers told her they hope to find an environmentally conscientious artist this season.

You can see her video here (click to play):

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Bowers also provided Holy City Sinner with this summary of her story:

“Inspiration is always found in the beauty and simplicity of the South Carolina Coast. For this reason, I am passionate about being an environmentally responsible artist and I make it my mission to create EcoFriendly art. While my eclectic collection includes pieces in mixed media collage, clay and paint, my work in found object assemblage is what brings me the greatest joy and satisfaction.

As a self-taught artist, my creative process is guided by two principles. First and most importantly, produce art that makes people happy. Second, strive to be an environmentally conscientious artist whose work has a positive impact on the environment and celebrates recycling and repurposing as an art form. Using mostly discarded, abandoned and reclaimed materials, my “environmental folk art” honors those forgotten things. That shattered, busted and cracked piece of metal or wood lying in the streets or on the beach is the focal point of my found object sculptures. There is an abundance of items thrown away, left behind and forgotten on a daily basis that are free, plentiful and readily available. Every nail, screw, bottle cap, piece of wood, wire or metal has its own story as it has gone through some journey to end up discarded. Each item was useless on its own. The twisted nails, metal scraps and old bottle caps display an individual weak roughness, but when paired with other fragmented pieces, they convey strength.

There is a message of Hope, Fresh Starts, New Beginnings and Second Chances woven into every piece of my art. By giving ordinary objects creative value, I am bringing out the best in these things and celebrating their flaws and imperfections as their greatest features. The rusted, street worn items used are a constant reminder that even the most damaged and irregular things have value. By discovering the goodness and the rich potential in that broken piece of wood, wire or metal, I hope that my art will encourage others to embrace and celebrate their own shortcomings and challenges and see them as beautiful, unique characteristics that make them who they are.”

Her work is currently on display at The Coastal Community Foundation downtown and in two Volunteers in Medicine Clinics in Bluffton and Ridgeland.

You can learn more about Bowers and her art at

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