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“Fun & Simple Gourmet” A Must For Food Lovers



Part Time Lowcountry Resident Gigi Wilson Adds Spice To Everyday Recipes

By Jeff Walker

The term ‘gourmet’ has many definitions but its basic interpretation is often overlooked. When most people conjure up gourmet, especially pertaining to food, they think along the lines of aristocratic, expensive, upper-crust, or discriminating taste. While those descriptions apply the simplest definition of gourmet is the ‘enjoyment of good food’.

No matter our social status that is what we all seek. Whether dining out or at home, we all want to enjoy the food we are eating. For most of us, our lives and meals don’t revolve around pheasant under glass coupled with Dom Perignon. Truth is even the one percenters lean more towards the ‘meat and potatoes’ world when it comes to satisfying their hunger. So no matter where you fall on the economic scale, all we really want is to enjoy good food, which in turn makes us all gourmet diners.

With that concept in mind Gerri ‘Gigi’ Wilson has assembled and published a book of recipes titled ‘Fun & Simple Gourmet’, an easy way to prepare dishes that are pleasing, carefree, and often cost efficient. A noted food, travel and lifestyle blogger, Wilson regularly pens an e-newsletter blog called ‘The Dish’ and has a television project in the works entitled ‘Gigi’s Dish’.

A part time low country (Hilton Head) resident Wilson offers up a straight forward approach to preparing elegant meals without breaking the bank. From appetizers to soups and salads, from main courses to desserts, ‘Fun & Simple Gourmet’ allows for an ‘easy as pie’ approach to dishes meant to whet your appetite and tantalize your palate.

No detail is left uncovered including the covered dish. Whether you’re male or female, young or old, single or have a large family, you’ll find something of interest in ‘Fun & Simple Gourmet’. If you have a backyard garden or live on a farm ‘Fun & Simple Gourmet’ will be a nice complement to your kitchen. From seafood to brunch, from Italian pasta to southwestern fare, Wilson presents recipes to spice up your dinner party or just dinner for two.

If you’re a fan of cooking or know someone who is than ‘Fun & Simple Gourmet’ is must have for any cookbook collection. The recipes are fun, the approach is simple, and each creation comes with elegant and colorful photography. Wilson takes the food groups (meats, seafoods, pastas, sauces, sweets, etc) you already love and adds a little panache to them, or as she affectionately labels a bit of ‘Gigi Style’.

Gerri ‘Gigi’ Wilson embraces the fullness of life and food with her signature mantra, ‘live well, love well, eat well’. That’s a recipe we can all embrace in this day and age. To discover more about Wilson visit her website

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