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Time Traveler Escape Games Opens on King Street Offering “Charleston’s Hidden History” Adventures



Press Release

Time Traveler Escape Games opened at 579-B King Street in Downtown Charleston on May 25, 2018 offering live action adventures inspired by the “hidden history” of Charleston, SC. Players work as a team to solve puzzles and complete a mission before time runs out. In addition to 3 unique, interactive escape rooms, Time Traveler offers a puzzle lounge where guests can enjoy a beverage and play tabletop puzzles in a comfortable, casual location while overlooking Upper King Street, the heart of Charleston’s entertainment district.

“This business combines our passion for entertainment, history, and the City of Charleston,” said Co-owner Elise Wilkinson. “Each of our rooms is based on the history of Charleston, specifically the lesser-known stories and legends. This is a unique way to have fun with your friends, family or co-workers.”

The first Time Traveler game room to open – Dr. Trott’s Apothecary – is set in June 1867 in downtown Charleston during the worst storm in 50 years. Angry residents have gathered outside the Apothecary of Dr. William G. Trott to demand he release the mermaid he’s been rumored to have captured, believing its release will end the storm before Charleston sinks into the ocean. The mission is to search for the mermaid, and release her in order to end the storm.

In the coming weeks, a second game room will open. Lavinia Fisher’s Boarding House is set in 1818 in North Charleston at the Six Mile Wayfarer House where previous guests have vanished under mysterious circumstances. The players’ mission is to avoid an untimely demise by searching the attic bedroom for clues before the boarding house’s owner, Lavinia Fisher, America’s first female serial killer, returns.

The third room, opening in late summer 2018, is Vincent Chicco’s Speakeasy. Local resident Vincent Chicco had a long history of defying liquor restrictions and was the owner of several speakeasies (or “blind tigers” as they were often known) which made him a working-class hero to local residents. It’s 1903 in downtown Charleston and Vincent Chicco has been detained by the state authorities yet again and the police are on their way to raid his speakeasy. The players’ mission is to scour Chicco’s Speakeasy in order to locate and hide any incriminating evidence before the police arrive.

“We’re excited to offer Charleston residents and visitors a way to ‘travel back in time’ to explore the city’s hidden history,” says Co-owner Meghan Lowther. “We’re also proud to be the only escape game in the region to offer our guests a spacious and comfortable lounge area to enjoy before or after their game.”

Each game room accommodates 2-8 players at a cost of $28 per person. Private room bookings are available. Reservations are highly recommended, but walk-ins will be accommodated based on availability.

Time Traveler Escape Games is the perfect activity for couples or groups. Individual rooms and the entire facility are available for booking. Private Parties and Team Building exercises are a speciality. The lobby provides a comfortable setting to enjoy a light refreshment before or after a game room experience. In addition to non-alcoholic refreshments, the lounge plans to offer beer and wine this summer.

Time Traveler Escape Games is now open with hours: Wednesday – Thursday: 3 – 9 pm, Friday – Saturday: Noon – 10 pm and Sunday: Noon – 9 pm. Additional hours are available for groups by appointment. More information and tickets to play the games can be found online at

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