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The Charleston Queer Prom for LGBT Youth Returns on May 12th



It is that time of year again, prom season! Many students attend prom for a magical night of dancing, glamour, and making memories, but what if you were bullied in school for the way you act? For the way you dress? For the person you love? Or for the pressure of going with someone of the gender you aren’t attracted too? Many people aren’t able to go to prom with their partner of choice because they were both of the same gender, or that they were afraid of being victimized if they presented themselves in the way they wished; this is where the Charleston Queer prom fills in the gap.

The Charleston Queer Prom creates a magical night of celebration that is free of discrimination, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, and open to everyone who is in middle or high school. The event is presented by We Are Family, South Carolina’s only LGBT organization that helps LGBTQ youth.

Why Queer Prom? Why is Queer prom important in Charleston? For LGBTQ Middle/High schoolers, prom can present an incredibly repressive hurdle in someone’s coming out journey. Kids are expected to formally present for the first time, not only in dress, but in romantic preference. Although it’s completely within a student’s legal rights to bring whoever they want and wear whatever they like, many witnessed time and time again that the law doesn’t guarantee change when a more conservative school discourages their freedom of speech. Visibility for LGBTQ students remains underrepresented in our schools and examples of how a free expression of love and identity remain few and far between. Queer prom lets kids be who they want to be and dance who they want.

This year’s Queer Prom will be on May 12th from 7 pm to 11 pm at the Redux Contemporary Art Center. The theme is “Dancing through the Decades.” Students can enjoy dancing, treats, mocktails, and a Lip-Sync contest. Attendees can bring whomever you want, and wear whatever they want.

This event is open to ALL middle and high school students. Straight allies are welcome to attend. The event is free and there will be security on site for safety.

Skip the line and register here for a FREE ticket. Further information can be found on the Facebook event page.

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