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Storytree Children’s Theatre Offers Aesop’s Fables to Charleston Schools




Storytree Children’s Theatre is excited to announce its latest touring school show, Aesop’s Fables. An original script from Storytree founder Teralyn Reiter, Aesop’s Fables tells the story of a young Aesop, a boy who can only connect with people through his strange and magical stories. Together with a lion who longs to be a legend and Beatrice, a little girl whose mother forces her to hang with Aesop, these three unlikely characters discover the power of stories and the strength and beauty in being a little different. 

A unique twist on a classic form, Aesop’s Fables is an interactive performance that offers students the chance to perform alongside professional actors and participate in the magic of live theatre.

“Aesop’s Fables is an experiential theatre piece, which means if you’re in the room, you’re in the show,” Reiter says. “As a teaching artist, I’ve seen firsthand how involving students in productions and activities allows the information to resonate on a more personal level.”

In addition to the interactive nature of the show, the experience offers students the chance to relate to themes and morals inside famous fables such as “The Lion and the Mouse” and “The Ant and the Grasshopper,” and to connect the lessons with experiences in their lives.

“I wanted children to learn about Aesop and his fables, but also to delve into the social issues of the stories and showing off the strength of being different,” Reiter says. “There is power in being unique and power in knowing who you are.”

The performance can “pop-up” in just about any space, which means that students get to see a professional production right in their very own school—without the hassle of teachers and faculty trying to organize a field trip.

“When you hire Storytree Children’s Theatre, teachers don’t have to rent buses, buy tickets, or call for chaperones. We show up, set up, perform, and leave the kids with an experience they won’t forget,” Reiter says.

Available Dates: Schools and libraries can book throughout the school year, although to guarantee a spot for the year you should sign up by October 31!

This tour is made possible through partnership with What If? Productions.

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