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Redux To Host Three Nights of Sketch Comedy



Redux Contemporary Arts Center is opening it’s doors for three nights in September to host Take It Seriously., a sketch show written and directed by Hunter Gardner.

The one-hour show is a series of sketches that Gardner has written and workshopped over the better part of a year and a half, curated to make for one cohesive show.

“As I sat down and looked at the batch of sketches I’ve been writing, I picked out a handful that fit well together, like selecting tracks for a record,” said Gardner. “The idea is that, together, the sketches commentate on certain themes and the show can kind of fold in on itself.”

For Gardner, that theme is slightly absurd characters taking silly things too seriously. This includes everything from T.V. producers who only like shows that take place in New York City to our need for corporate products to make us feel cool.

The cast consists of Connor Hanrahan, Meredith Kidd, Andy Livengood, DeShawn Mason, and Matt Perry, who audiences may recognize from their own sketches at the monthly comedy show RIP City, which is currently in residence at Redux.

This will be Gardner’s directorial debut.

“I’ve been touring a one-man show for the better part of the last nine months,” said Gardner in reference to his character-based Drinking With Jesus which premiered last November. “That show has been a wonderful experience, but it was a lot of me going into it: doing re-writes, traveling alone, performing solo. This show has been an opportunity to collaborate and watch a show come to life through other performers that I really trust–which is an entirely new, enjoyable experience.”

Take It Seriously. will be performed September 20 (Wednesday, $5) and September 23 and 24 (Saturday, Sunday, $10) at Redux Contemporary Arts Center, 1056 King Street. Runtime is approximately one hour.

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Editor’s Note – This is an unedited press release

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