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Preserve The Gullah and CharlestonGOOD to Host Geechee Gala Saturday



Preserve The Gullah (PTG) and CharlestonGOOD have teamed up to bring a night of artistic and cultural exploration with “The Geechee Gala” Archival Fundraiser on July 15, 2017. The gala and gallery, which will take place at 2 Canal St., marks PTG’s first ever fundraising event, and aims to raise funds to go towards the historic preservation and restoration project of the Mosquito Beach coastline. 

Built in the 1950s, Mosquito Beach dock and pavilion was the center of a thriving entertainment and recreational site for Black Charlestonians during the segregation era. It continued to see success up until 1976, when its tumultuous relationship with Charleston county reached new heights, and the area was basically neglected, in hopes that the highly sought-after waterfront property would be turned over to the city. Once Hurricane Hugo made its way through in 1989, the county offered no help for rebuilding, and that event saw to the demise of the area as it was known. PTG wishes to not only highlight the historical significance of this site, but also bring this piece of history back to life, to be enjoyed by all.

Throughout the night, guests will experience the Gullah culture through African hand drums, freshly-cooked culinary dishes that carry you through the local history, and oral stories passed down the generations. The gallery features visuals captured during the 2+ year process, and all artwork will be available for purchase, with proceeds going towards the fundraiser. This event is free and open to the public, though a donation of $25+ is suggested and an RSVP on the Facebook event page is requested.

About Preserve The Gullah 

PTG was founded in 2015, and focuses on preserving the historical, economical, and ecological legacy of the Gullah culture, providing opportunities for progression to all of its people. Through various projects and programs, PTG strives to reach its mission and goals of:

  • Raising awareness of the historical and ecological relevance of the Mosquito Beach & the Gullah Corridor
  • Advocating sustainability, through both progressive and traditional techniques
  • Supporting and empowering the community, by promoting the idea of celebrating the lost skills of our past, and bringing them into a modern and sustainable future.

For more information on PTG projects from the past and present, please visit

To donate before and after the fundraiser, visit

Editor’s note – this is an unedited press release

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